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No one to send them

There was no one at the jail Thursday that could email them. Only two people send the mugs out at Franklin County jail and both were not there. Donna Perry, reporter

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People first

I would like to mention that the business climate is very poor at best. Local business are struggling and the local people are struggling to pay their property taxes, this is reality. Remember that we have quite a few empty business spaces up town already, and some owners are offering contest and no rent, and loans to entice new interest.

I feel the Towns people would benefit more thru lower property taxes then by granting TIFs. If I remember correctly for each 150K = approx. 1 mill so if the Town brings in approx $500K in new revenue our property taxes could be lowered approx 3mills, that would help each and every property owner in Livermore falls directly and indirectly it would help local business because property owners would have a little more money to spend after tax season.. Also with a lower property tax rate it would help Livermore falls by making it more appealing to potential businesses.
Lets look out for the People first, help our friends and neighbors keep their homes there have been a lot of Properties up for Bid for not being able to afford their high property taxes.
So I urge the people to vote NO on this TIF vote.
Thank you, lets take a stand and help everyone benefit, not just a "hand picked" area and group of "Investors".
Ken Perry
Park Street
Livermore falls.