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should take this must

should take this must interest on all the jobs going over seas due to NAFTA ! Question did they all meet at DD before they went out to protest?

yes it is time to invest in

yes it is time to invest in the future , but the RSU 10 budget is the same size as auburn? it is time to combine some programs and close some buildings so more of the money goes to the teaching then the upkeep of buildings

this comment reals bother

this comment reals bother me.
" NOT EVEN a taxpayer in that they neither own property in Rumford nor do they register a vehicle therefor paying excise tax."

no longer a low information voter

"From the comments I'm hearing, an educated vote is not what the "Save Rumford" group wants." Yes a educated vote is important and I hope you and other voters do research before voting . First I support GRCC , BMOM, and I knew what might happen when i voted , But how can vote for them and other request when over 80% of the operating budget goes to pay and benefits ? I would have voted yes if there was a 3 % cut in the budget and the selectmen would have told dept. heads and groups that next year expect more cuts and plan for that. We must start getting serious about the town spending , I am in favor of combine services and outsourcing other. Yes a olive branch and leadership is what we need not back door deals.

“There's a special bond

“There's a special bond within our schools,” said 1991 Dirigo High School graduate and coach Don St. Germaine. hey there is a special bond in every school not just dirigo. nearly 600 show up to the meeting that is good , talk is good . but do you realize the 600 that showed up is almosy equal to the amount of kids in both high schools combined? call cougar pride , falcon pride , pinto pride and panther pride but cost are rising how do we pay? cut staff? cut programs? raise taxes?

need to save

i for one would like to see them numbers! what if your child wants to go to region 9 to learn a skill?are you wiling to pay more so they can? bussing cost to bethel ? are you buying a bus plus driver? and are you wiling to accept what the holy cross program? yes we all want to save money , but it is time to work with the school board and see where we can save, ask questions , like the extra money the state is giving RSU 10 what is it going to? that question is number one on my list!

not about class sports

yes the two schools have different culture just like rumford and mexico did and it has worked out, look at the senior classes under 100 and falling soon we will be cutting course and talented teachers because of falling enrollment or do we keep raising taxes each year to support less and less kids? what type of class sport has nothing to do with it , it is and effort to keep cost down and a balance education with options for the students.

easy math

if the state is giving the RSU more money at least half should go to reduce local cost and other half to reduce RSU debt.

i am surpised the mayor didnt

i am surpised the mayor didnt blame george bush! lets see if the one in oxford works first.

the river valley safety dept.

the river valley safety dept. it has a nice ring to it!