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"A time for choosing"

"What greater service we could render if only we had a little more money and a little more power."

"The real destroyer of the liberties of the people is he who spreads among them bounties, donations and benefits."

Not a whole lot to be said. They said they would override the veto and they did. I see many "R"'s voted for it also. Its sad.

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Considering that for a long time I used my real name and now I dont I think I know exactly why I dont!

It is not fear and or the freedom of anonymity. The basic fact is the PAPER at least knows who I am and thats just fine for me..

L/A is a small area sort of speak and just like at a party or a family gathering I avoid topics like politics and what not that would do more harm then good... I chose to avoid offending and creating conflict with people I know.. I am rather just a polite person who just the same has an honest opinion.. And I felt that this atmosphere was a great place to discuss current topics and to have HEALTHY and HONEST debates whith out causing perminant damage to relationships..

I am not so sure that this would be the case anymore..

A much more in your face devisive atmosphere will this be where most of the good folks will now choose carefully before expressing their opinions..

Its a choice, I cant say I that I am extremely upset with the decision.. But I dont agree with the reasoning . :)

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Unfortunately this is the tip of the iceberg!

I have known about some of these things for quite a while (not from involvement ;) ). I am impressed that the state is successfully prosecuting this.

However though she is a big fish and will get most of the attention while still much fraud is being perpetrated against the taxpayers through our states liberal welfare mindset on a much larger scale through many many smaller incidents that are much harder to track and enforce.

And what is also sad whether you agree with this welfare mindset or not is that this money is for children who are in need…. Children who need therapy or just a day of fun, children who need one on one attention and are not getting it because of people like this…

So at least for me I look at the monetary issue and it certainly frustrates me but I also look at who she was taking the money from and it wasn’t just the tax payer..

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baby steps....

You dont have to look hard to see how acceptable corruption is on other countries. I firmly believe that we as a nation are heading that way.

It starts and and ends with each individual making personal choices. I am not trying to make this a blog about politics and believe me I am neither republican nor democratic.. But I grew up in a primarily democratic state (mass) where corruption in politics is a way of life! think NewJersey, NewYork ect.. People paying money for jobs, cover ups ect.. I knew a guy that collected a union returement that never actually worked in the union..

So like I said.. this is not about Republicans vs democrat partisan politics.. I am just telling it the way I know it.. the more liberal the state usually the more corrupt.. same goes with governments around the world..

Your grow up in that kind of invroment and it becomes acceptable.....the idea everyone is doing it...

I dont think republicans are any more noble then demcrats or anything and I think the two party system is one party better then the communists... But I lived and have family in Va and the kind of stuff......paying for jobs, union BS, ect ect (especially on the state and local level) doesnt happen nearly as much..


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Need more information.

I am inclined to side with business but as usual because we live in such a beaucratic envrioment more information is needed to properly form an opinion... at least for me anyways.

Gil and Kim both provide good points..

Why coudn't this open in an area of the city that is already properly zoned, licensed, or whatever you want to call it?

How many jobs, tax revenue, investment does an operation like this bring?

Living next to bugs and smell is a valid point even when we are considering growing our economy. Is this claim true?

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fatandhappy "personal Choice"

You dont need to make NEW laws governing driving under the infulence because impaired driving is impaired driving no matter if its alcahol or not. Same with operating machinery... I dont think a manufacturing plant is under some obligation to allow workers to operate machinery while high just because it is now legal??? Alcohol is legal and the same rules apply ect.

Again why do we NEED government involvment?? I can by a beer kit and make my own beer and drink it.. why cant I grow my own pot and smoke it??

Your fear of everybody running around high and causing industrial disasters is completely unfounded.

Get RID of government involvement in our personal lives and the whole country would be better off..

That doesnt me driving a car on a PUBLIC road, or flying a passanger airliner.. it just means let be people be and what they do on their own time behind closed doors is their business..

We spend billions of dollars investigating, prosecuting, and incarcirating non violent drug offenders in this country and believe you me that this is all about money and power!

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Trust me, I am far from some bleeding heart liberal. But addiction is a very sad situation.

We spend billions of dollars investigating, prosecuting, and imprisoning non violent drug offenders in this country. maybe even trillions of dollars when factoring all levels of government over an extended period of time..

Then we complicate the situation with stuff like "medical marijuana"....

I dont know why people in this country cannot think outside of the box and really look at how to help solve these things.. well I do.. most of it because of greed and power..

But the first thing we need to consider is just legalizing all forms of drug use in the sense that we stop spending billions of dollars chasing down pot heads and start using the money for treatment and awareness..

Government wont like the idea of having to reduce the amount of prison guards, and drug agents...

Yes this kid committed armed robbery and therefore should go to jail... but had we not wasted so much money and resourses there might have been help for him prior or maybe he would never have become and addict.

The idea that somehow everyone is going to go out an get high because pot is now legal crazy.

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More beaucratic BS!!

This is stupid. Instead of just legalizing it and letting people make personal choices of whether or not they want to smoke pot our illustrious government is now creating a loop hole to an already confusing set of federal, state, local laws/ordinances governing the use, sale, and posession of Marijuana.

People you need to realize the crazyness and backroom BS associated with all of this.

By now creating the "loop hole" medicinal marijuana we only create more problems.. selected

If a landlord doesn't allow smoking in his/her apt dwellings he or she now has to allow someone to smoke pot......... because its medicinal??

Carefully "selected" proprietors will now be allowed to distribute, sell, or dispense this stuff..... how was this selction process handeled? why cant it be done through a pharmacy? whats wrong with a pill form of THC..

Dorctors writing scripts will now be scrutinized, more enforcement issues for law enforcement trying to figure out who has a script?? Is anyone else here smoking this?

this is all nuts and once again the sheeple are too busy to recognize it.. Just legalize this crap and none of this would be taking place..

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What would the saleries be if the government didn't pump so much tax payer money into the college system?

What would tuition be if the governement didn't pump so much money into the college system through loans and grants and aid?

What would the saleries and tuition be if these so called "non profits" had to pay taxes like most for proift business's?

Would we be saying that someone's salary is "JUST" $470,000?

A recent article about CMMC's head making 2 million dollars a year while the hospital is laying off and slashing wages and cutting vacation time for entry level wage erners should have people up in arms..

Maine has one of the highest numbers of "non Profits" operating in our state.. If A city like Lewiston was able to tax all busniess's equally the property taxes would drop to half of what they are now HALF!!

So our college presidents are not making as much as they do in other states? If the question is are they making not enough I say NO, the other presidents are making too much!!

There has to be a change in thinking in this country!

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what a shame!