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First Wind is an Eagle sponsor to Maine Audubon.. Kill the eagles.

Great waterways. great rivers are migratory passes. Canton Mountain Wind will kill the Eagles along the mighty scrogg. So Audubon, no safe place for a turbine.

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should be noted

Woodstock selectmen made a variance on noise and increased the nighttime limit to 50 dBc. Patriot Renewables is held in compliance at 50 dBc not the 42 dBc the supreme court ruled.

Thank God a citizen's initiative caused the legislature to look at this health issue.

Now for the health board in each town to demand they handle the hot line.

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WIND turbines will kill our area.......let us be Mainers and go back to the land a bit....if u have to leave to be it...but we have the best water for the best plants to grow...unless WIND dynamites and places tons of concrete on our water sources,,

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need a public hearing

need the facts brought to the DEP .....not studies done by the WIND developer

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I'm disappointed that the

I'm disappointed that the article does not mention deaths of bats from barotrauma, which is well documented. Regardless of blade speed, wind turbines will still emit the pressure changes that cause bats' lungs to explode.

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how much?

do the wind companies buy from the grid?

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inner city

power to cities is taxed''''';good luck inner city

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do not depemd on the goernment or the grid

off the grid for 13+ years....trying to save the mountains of maine so we can live self sustainably...become farmers again...???

Didn't T Bone get knocked down a notch in his wealth standing because of WIND?

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WIND is a loss

this intermittent source, off the coast of Maine, had no "idling reserve" for back-up.
Transmission alone would drive electrical rates up.

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do not trust the government

off grid 13+ years....plow my own road cut my firewood grow my own