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A shame ,hail to the fire fighters+best wishes to the family!


A shame ,hail to the fire fighters+best wishes to the family!

Fatal crash

A tragedy for all involved!


I believe that throwing money at the problem is not the answer, the system is top heavy , test scores are too low, I would cut aministration before sports!

Welfare Reform proposal

Lepage's proposals are clearly a campaign year sound bite; he should be issuing the voter majority, unlike his election victory, approved bond issues at a time when interest rates are at historic lows,to repair+upgrade Maine's infrastructure + boost our economy Failure to tissue the bonds+take advantage of these low interest rates would cost Maine millions while he is focusing on his penny wise campaign stunts!

Film Festival

Josh Sheas, failure to "man up"+attempt to salvage the festival for his home town is very disappointing

Film festival still in limbo

The events of recent days, including the arrest of Josh Shea,+ the retired State Police officer, bothfor charges related to alleged sexual misconduct is very sad!

Rainy Day fund

Lepage, my high school classmate, is an idiot,+prima donna; by not issuing voter approved bond issues during a time of historically low interest rates to address Maine's crumbling infrastructure he has set us back decades"No more years,enough is enough!"

No place for politics in appeals process

Integrity:the governor does not know what the word means!

Medicaid expansion

The Lepage adninistration's claims that such an expansion would cripple other programs is totally bogus, or he is an even poorer manager than he appears to be!
How can a proram that is 100 %federally funded hurt other Maine programs?Furthermore health care is not welfare !Throw the bum out,"No more years"