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I am not suprised

In small towns this is quite possible...
In a small town that I lived in, the ex wife of a man that I was married to stole numerous packages to and from my address before I figured it out (she alluded to the theft finally, and let me know it was her, but not in a way that provided evidence...also, it also was impossible to prosecute, as her current husband was postmaster, so despite lodged complaints, I got no where...but I digress...
In any event, I was forced to both send and receive mail from another town, due to her crimes. Yes, it is a federal offence, and yes, it is hard to prove. The result? Seek a different post office, and suck it up. It is that or have everyone who does postal work watched. I would rather have the majority of my fellow country men and women free to do the right thing than have everyone assumed to be as criminally inclined as the freak who was stealing my mail...

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Individuals who endorse child

Individuals who endorse child molesters are so sad. They further victimize the children involved, and should hang their head in shame. Oh, wait, they endorsed a CHILD MOLESTER, they have no shame...nevermind.

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Wow, I am for proper values,

Wow, I am for proper values, and the reflection of this in our speech and other communication, but the nazi speech policeing is offensive to me. The spirit of this comment was completely applicable, so find another, more woman demeaning person to hate on...thinking that to police yourself is one thing. No one likes a know-it-all.

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Which side are YOU on?

This whole situation made a sharp division in my hometown. Some for, some against. But what is really great is that we live in a country where this is OK.

Sure, whether or not we can go topless in a little Maine college town is not of earth shattering importance, NOW. But those who are so against it and are wailing for new laws to be made so that this "OMG horrible spectacle" does not ever occur again in our little Norman Rockwell town again need to also think, and think HARD about what they are asking for.

Do you REALLY want one more law on our books? Do you REALLY want to make this child's display (and personally, my dad would kick my butt, and I would rather die than create such  a spectacle, but hey, "this is a free country", RIGHT???) a matter for GOVERNMENT CONTROL????

I for one think this girl made some poor decisions. Choose your battles, I say, and this one was  little silly. It was cold, it is already legal, and changing human nature is like herding cats, but so be it. All she did was demonstrate (if the massive crowds containing motorcycle gangs was even a slight hint) that guys love a free peep.

Farmington, by the way, received a great economic stimulus in the deal.

ANYHOW...I digress.  This was silly, this was fun, this made Farmington a little newsworthy, no one was hurt {well, except that this girl, despite having a quality education (and what is with these people blaming the they endorsed this!..they will be glad, I am sure, to NOT have you helicopter mothers sending your kids there, BTW) will not be able to obtain a job anywhere on the east coast} and aside from traffic being a pian in the neck, we all saw a litttle history in action with a demonstration that is proof that we still (for now) have a free country for our soldiers to come home to.

I did not like this at first..mostly because it seemed silly and pointless. But I did like the bruhaha it made in the town, (OK, so I liked the drama, I will admit is Maine, after a long winter..) and the fact that we still have intolerant people who would cry and moan to legislate the right to protest ANYTHING makes me sigh and wonder if they would like me protesting their religious beliefs...freedom is FREEDOM...

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consider this her application

I suppose she can consider this her application to Hooters: they are the only ones that are going to hire her after this stunt.  She is protesting something legal, on a cold day...make a point in the heat of summer (usually a day on or around the middle of August) and get ligitimate. This is a sad appeal for attention. Really, trying to change the nature of those who would already ogle is not going to go well when it is a freak show in the cold anyhow.

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Beaten Down

We just had a portion of our crisis counceling class at UMA devoted to this topic, and in fact it is a myth that love and abuse cannot be co-existing. This woman really does love her man, and this is not unusual at all. Yes, he is abusive, and yes, she does love him. This is a difficult situation, and the best advice is to contact her local area domestic abuse advocacy center, and aquire some information about the lifestyle that she has become enmeshed in. It is better to have some knowledge before she tackles this problem, as well as some informed and capable supports before she makes difficult descisions.

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Perhaps he should have chosen

Perhaps he should have chosen a different field, but then he may not have been apprehended quite so quickly...

These pathological beasts are unable to stop, and choose a job/lifestyle that will put them in contact with children. It is disgusting.