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District Attorney agrees I did nothing wrong

The district attorney (Andrews) agreed no laws were broken, but he was pressured by selectmen to pursue charges. Being personal friends with both Maynard Webster and Russel Gardner and Sheriff Pyke, he (Andrews) felt required to get some sort of plea. Mr. McGlamery offered to stay away from the selectmen, except for town business, but DA Andrews refused, instead, Andrews thought a court order would be more acceptable to the claimants, even though it held no real value.

DA Andrews apologized profusely for the charges, but stated it was over his head. He advised individuals should not fight their selectmen, or similar charges may occur.

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Good Old Boys Club

Apparently, it is illegal to call your selectman and tell him you are going to vote him out of office at the town meeting. The selectmen will call their long time buddy, the sheriff (Dennis Pike) have you arrested and detain you so your civil rights are violated by not being allowed to vote at the town meeting.

As far as Mr. Gardner, he insisted I obtain confidential information about my landlord, which I refused. He was well aware it would be a violation of my landlord's rights and illegal for me to provide the information, yet he demanded the confidential information anyway. I have been told by others that Mr Gardner constantly violates New Sharon ordinances against the advice of town employees. This is not a person who should be in public office.

Since I have never had any personal contact with Mr Gardner and Mr Webster, I had no issue with continuing to do the same. The selectmen have also been barred from denying me the right to participate in town functions and meetings.

The original charges of stalking and threatening were fabricated. Mr. Andrews, the DA, admitted no threats of any kind were made, therefore the charges were dismissed. The charge of phone harassment is partially defined as 2 calls to an individual who did not want the calls. I called each twice in order to obtain information about the upcoming town meeting, both selectmen refused to tell me when and where the meeting was to be held.

Lawyers I have spoken to stated I may very well have a case against the selectmen for deliberately denying me the right to vote at the town meeting. I am pursuing all legal avenues against the selectmen.

The good old boys club is alive and well in New Sharon.

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No hostile or threating calls were made.

Can a message notifying a selectman you are organizing a group of your neighbors to vote him out of office the very next day, be considered hostile? I think not.

The arrest took place on Friday, March 4th at or about 10:30 PM. The town meeting was to take place at 9:00 the next day, Saturday March 5th.

Both Mr. Gardner and Mr. Webster were well aware I was organizing a group of neighbors to vote Mr. Gardner out of office the next day. Tammy Morgan, our local postmaster was running against Mr. Gardner. Tammy is an honest, straight forward individual. I was organizing a group of locals to vote Tammy in and Mr. Gardner out.

Mr. Webster REFUSED to give any information out to me concerning when, or where the town meeting was to take place. He, in fact, instructed the town clerk to refer all phone calls from me to him, at his home.

When he was called, at first he denied receiving the faxes and messages which were left requesting the information on the meeting (the faxes and messages requesting the meeting information had been left at the town hall over a week and a half). Then, eventually, he admitted to receiving the faxes and stated "It is not my job to answer your questions about the town meeting, Kiss my a..".

Statements to the effect "I will have you voted out of office tomorrow (Mr. Gardner) and/or removed from office" (Via legal means) became threats in his opinion and so he called, not 911, but his longtime personal friend Sheriff Dennis Pike at home and explained the situation.

Both Mr. Gardner and Mr. Webster are well known for violating ordinances and forging documents (proof is available). It was time to have them voted out of office.

No threats were made. Statements concerning voting them both out were made. What better way to eliminate your competition than to have your buddy the sheriff arrest them and make sure they could not voice their opinion tomorrow at the town meeting? In fact, the bond specified I could no be released before the town meeting, even if the bond was paid in full.

I do not believe it takes a rocket scientist to see the correlation here. It wasn't until about 7:00 PM when I was informed by another town official when and where the meeting was to take place and why. Mr. Gardner was up for re-election and the selectmen did not want me to know that fact. In the meantime, I had a house full of neighbors who expressed interest in voting Mr. Gardner out of office tomorrow and Mr. Webster out next year.

Our small towns are great for the most part. My advice? If you want to vote out a town official, just do it, don't tell them and don't call them and ask them for any information. The good old boys club is alive and well!