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That "dumba**" was my only brother! Not having a license does not make someone a good or bad person. Poor judgement, you can't tell me nobody else has made a poor judgement while operating a vehicle, but was lucky not to have something like this happen. He did not have the right to operate a motor vehicle but doesn't mean he didn't know how to drive. He was actually eligible to pay a fine and reinstate his license, if he had, would that change everyones perspective because he held a valid drivers license? It was ONE vehicle he passed and hit a patch of ice. How many other accidents have there been this year due to road conditions? They are called "accidents" for a reason. Do you really think he intentionally took his own life, someone elses, and harmed others, leaving behind his TWO little children? As a matter of fact, the registered owner had been warned to keep the vehicle off the roads repeatedly due to it not being safe (bald tires, inoperable air bags etc.).My DEEPEST sympathy goes out to all affected by this and sure do wish I could turn back time. He truely was a wonderful Dad,brother,son,uncle,and friend. He was loved by many just like every other person here holds a place on someones heart. It would be nice to keep that in mind when commenting on any article. If only we could use these tragedies as a learning tool, maybe there would be less of them. I am sorry to all hurt,saddened,angered, and affected. A few days ago, I was a big sister, today I have no siblings.