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Forget about loopholes

What I would like to know is why we are giving this kind of money away in the first place?

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Glad they got him but

I believe the public would have been better served if they didn't chase a drunk driver at 100 mph across 3 towns. They already had his license number and description. Sure he may have gotten into an accident anyway but they increased the odds considerably by chasing him.

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The posted list was how it

The posted list was how it was given to the press. I believe the Sec of State received one with the full names. IMO voting shouldn't be a last minute thing. If you want to vote you shouldn't complain about having to register before hand.

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Abuse of system

"As has been demonstrated time after time, no one abuses the system more than republicans,"

Can you back this statement up or is this just inflammatory rhetoric? Maybe there's a tally sheet somewhere. Please post it so we can see the current score.

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"Mr. Christie, please don't call this a bipartisan committee."

Actually there are 5 Democrats and 5 Republicans on the committee counting both the House and Senate representatives. Appears to be fairly bipartisan to me.

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I have to agree. This is

I have to agree. This is ridiculous.

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6. At large. "At large"

6. At large. "At large" means off the premises of the owner and not under the control of any person whose personal presence and attention would reasonably control the conduct of the animal.
[ 1987, c. 383, §3 (NEW) .]

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Every immigrant group at

Every immigrant group at first sets up their own communities. There's French, Irish, Jewish and Asian neighborhoods in most large cities. The Somali culture is very different than ours so it is more obvious.
If we want to help we need to put a little more thought into who were are electing than we usually do. In each election we just rubber stamp the incumbents or a particular party. We need to put some thought into it.

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I've already responded to Brian regarding the "scumbag" comment. He used it in a response to me and I didn't realize I needed research his responses.
In any case, there is plenty of racism when it comes to the attutudes toward Somalis, but not everyone, or even most, that complain are racist. Conversely plenty of those that like to throw the term around, use it to shut off debate, or use it to justify their situation, are themselves racist. Every large immigrant population has gone through the same assimilation phases and race wasn't then, and shouldn't be, the issue.
To act like there isn't problem isn't addressing it and isn't validating that others may have legimate points.
For what it is worth. I don't care that the Somalis, or any other legal immigrant population, have come to our area. My gripe is with the system and the Federal Government for putting this in our lap and expecting everyone to think it is great.

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You are correct. I didn't

You are correct. I didn't realize that you didn't origiate that comment. Sorry.