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Well said David & Gary

It makes me shutter to know yet again The city leaders think more low-income housing is a good thing, it is far from the truth!

What needs to happen is to remove the old abandon and even use buildings and start building stores, shops, senior housing, parks, tech hubs, restaurants' and encourage small business growth.

Lewiston needs to change its' appearance to all others inside and out start redevelopment of mix use communities. A place that encourage living, working and entertaining in one place which is accessible by walking or a short hop in the car.

It boggles my mine that the city feels it is a great revenue source, how wrong is this. Why is the city promoting an "open-door" policy of life in low income housing is better than life in a bustling, productive community instead where one works and is not supported by the local, state or federal government. The old saying is "If you build they will come" But lets' try this is you do not build in the same way less will come!. If you change your building ideas more will come and the city will flourish, like it did many years ago!

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No More Housing Projects

No more housing projects, build businesses instead or community parks and gardens. Lewiston does not need anymore housing projects we have enough! If you have to build then build Senior housing, this is where the need is.

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Changes to Maine's property tax relief programs

Although I return after a long stay in the south, It boggles my mind how The State of Maine is still struggling with taxes, property or otherwise. Someone in Augusta really needs to take some training lessons from South Carolina and other states that seem to keep their property and other taxes low. Example: 2004 my Maine property taxes were around $3500 a year. Dropped to $750.00 a year so it can be done. Just saying!!!.

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Greene entrepreneur says he's designed new,improved home concep

I think it is a great idea and he seems like the guy that can do it? Can not wait to hear more on how this turns out.

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Anthem plan

Bad for business, bad for patients and bad for the local economy. Another way of a large supplier of medical insurance to cut their cost and grease their own pockets.

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Three months after fires, Lewiston recovering

Glad to see it going to move forward. My hopes that the vacant lots will be used for small family parks or more over 55+ housing and no more low income apartments. It would be a step up if businesses decided to build , if jobs could result from this. I maybe day dreaming but this city can turn around, we just have to change our ways in how we do things in Lewiston.

Kuddo's to the landlords and some tenants who are trying to keep their buildings and homes free of clutter. It is a start, have a ways to go, but at least it is starting.

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Maine may be open, but where's the business?

Simply I am not an expert in this field, however I recently lived in another state who promoted and reaped the benefits of Foreign Investment .

To name a few companies who set up shop in this State: BMW, Bridgestone Tire Group, Zurich Insurance, Continental tires and Au'Some Candy. I do not believe it is our energy costs that is the problem. I strongly believe that many years ago we needed to move from a Textile mentality to more high tech industries.

Changing our tax structure would help. This state authorized counties, cities and school districts to impose a ad-valoren taxes on real and property taxes.

Not the answer by far for Maine but as a resident of this state I watch my property taxes go down from Maine's $3500 a year $741 instead. I witness companies setting up shop like Google and others bring jobs to the citizens of this state. I saw a reduction in the cost of energy, such as heating, electricity and fuel for cars.

I do not see the need for the "blame game" here, what I see is a call to action and a change in the mindset of all concern here in Maine. Just my humble opinion .....

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Downtown housing down but not out?

Very good article no mention of the efforts over the years of the Lewiston/ Auburn Landlord's Association who as Vice President for many years can tell you, our association did great work with owners in the L/A Area.

I can not speak of the association now as it has been a few years since I no longer was active.I can remember in the 90's and in the early 2000's when yearly inspection were the norm, but as everything monies and postions go to the wayside as budgets increase for other services.

I will say it till I can not say it anymore, Landlords are responsible for thier properties and the people they rent it to. You have the ability to run credit checks, the ability to evict and the ability to maintain your buildings whether you live there or not! There is no blame game here the buck starts and stops with the owners. Run background checks, credit checks, check the weekly police reports , owners and landlords have the tools the question is do their want to take the time to use them?

It is true that when a building is owner-occuppied you see a difference in the appearence and upkeep. Funding is out their for this, how many know about it? And finally tenants, if you want to live in a place where you have no need to keep your place clean, pay your rent, then pitch a tent and move out. You are responsible for your own actions and behaviors not someone else. And all others who want to come here for a free ride, just keep going I think the city maybe closing the gap of this.

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Lewiston-Auburn is a hot market for Dunkin' Donuts

When I first moved to the Charleston SC area there were only two Dunkin Donut's one on 17 S in Charleston and the other on 17 N in Mt Pleasant. Everyone basically drank Sweet Ice Tea. Over the last 9 years as more people from the NorthEast and MidWest and other areas moved to the area more franchises began to open up! First in gas stations such as Hess and then finally stand alone stores. I recently moved back to the area and now I understand a new store will be going up on Sabattus St could not be happier!

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Lewiston police inspect abandoned tenements

The story tells me that the Code Enforcement Division may be understaff due to budget cuts since the city's police force are now involved? If the Code Enforcement Division has been working on cleaning up, inspecting and demolishing properties for almost two years, then why were individuals still living in condem buildings? Was Section 8 or any HUD monies collected during this time? Were the properties no longer owned by the owners, banks and now owned by the city? Why such overcowding of families in units that were not built for a large family? Over 1000 people on the waiting list for housing at Lewiston Housing?? I am glad the city of Lewiston is stepping up and finally doing something to get rid of the hideous buildings with the large Red X 's on them! I want to see more action from the owners of these properties step up, take responsiblity for your units. If you can not afford to fix them , take them down and build retail instead.....Code Enforcement the rules have been there for years, as a former owner I know about the inspections, have these gone to the wayside in the since 2000? I own a beautiful building, kept it up and lived in it. I look at it now I am disgusted and very upset in the condition it now is in.....It takes more than that small talk to start change, my question is when are the citizens of Lewiston going to begin the action to start the change the landscape of thier downtown area?