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Emergency responces for people w/ autism

Great Idea! I have a 15 year old boy who I think would benifit greatly from this program. The police dept. also. How can we sign up for this program? Thanks.

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"The singing Lady"

Why has this "Hot Spot" sweep taken so long? I believe its safe to say we all knew it was going on for many years. The "singing Lady" of course knew the answer to the cops,do I feel bad that she was nabbed for 3 warrents?? Not really, although there are so much worse things going on down town and not down town. In the end I say kudoos the the crack down and for a great attack on what I consider the most unwanted crimminals of our town...But really,the guy with the gun relesed on 300. bail???? It should be a Total system sweep,from the cops to the courts, Duh!