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This is the last straw Sun Journal

I'm ending my subscription and notifications via email as of the end of this post. Your continued bias news toward our Governor and now your allowance to insult the Governor by calling him names in your headlines. I'm from now on looking to the Twin City Times, The Maine Wire, and Lisbon for my news. They have our best interests at heart and they don't push the agenda that is destroying our State.

Re-elect Governor Paul LePage!

Bravo Governor! Re-Elect

Bravo Governor! Re-Elect Governor LePage for Maine

we have ourselves a scholar

who I bet never read the ACA that our legislators did not read either! Does the scholar know that emergency rooms didn't turn away patients who have life threatening conditions regardless of not having insurance BEFORE the ACA? Does the scholar know that the ACA now disallows a hospital from treating a patient with no insurance and that there is a mandate to sign such patients up with Obamacare. Does the scholar know that through the Medicare program that the Estate Recovery Program allows DHHS to take a persons home from them in exchange for services that they don't want. Scholar, you need to read more before you spout. You're tired. Hail to Governor LePage for paying the hospitals! Now please appeal Obamacare in Maine!

Get us some jobs so people can get off the couch and work for a living. Ms. scholar here doesn't need one though. She's dictating what should be but says it doesn't affect her; she says she is too old to worry but here she us telling us all what should be for us. Mind your business then Ms. Scholar

Crustaceans are cracked open

Crustaceans are cracked open and eaten live by seagulls but you don't see people imposing death threats on our birds-that would be inhumane.

Seafood is a Maine livelihood that many families rely upon for income. It's ridiculous to be attacking a business that has not offended the tables of Maine families. PETA endorses euthanasia on domestic animals but feels bad for crustaceans. Makes no sense to me. We know their real interests are in lobbying restaurant kitchen crustacean gadgets.

The Maine Hockey Team that

The Maine Hockey Team that appeared in the headlines and who supported Breast Cancer Awareness Month..did they also do that for show? so you're saying that people who support causes are just making a show? Or are you saying that only Republicans are the ones attaching themselves to causes for the show? I see Veteran's who go without and any little bit of help anyone can do to lessen the load and honor them, is good in my book. You don't have to be Republican to support them , Mr Parson's and we won't diss you if you do!

Thank you Eric Brakey,

Thank you Eric Brakey, Candidate for the Senate! I'm encouraged that you ran and inspired to run or walk the next time. My husband is a cancer survivor and I am honored that you participated on behalf of your brother, my husband and others who you don't even know!

Sad that any good that anyone

Sad that any good that anyone can do, someone seeks to find fault.

Misery loves company but I loved the company of every single lover of our country last night including Madison Rising. The young people who went were very inspiring to see. Not all youth are caught up with Miley Cyrus, or other artists who bring a distorted ugly message to our youth. You can trust a group like Madison Rising to send your teenagers to and know that they are not being fed lies and reasons to make them feel bad about themselves. Madison Rising gives hope to our youth to take back our values, our truths and instill it in their hearts to lead our country out of the mess we are in. trillions of dollars in debt, wars and pending wars..our youth don't have much to look forward to...Madison Rising is an excellent outlook for our youth and I'm happy to have been one of the Committee Members that put it on. We did this as a fundraiser and we had multiple meetings on what programs we can help in the community. We will do more like this and will benefit other programs as well! We also had a proud display that Tizz Crowley, from the Auburn City Council, gave us to participate in the "Think Pink" Breast Cancer Awareness that many others including our Hockey Team took part in!

Look for more fundraisers and thank you to everyone who helped make this a success! Please accept it when others are trying to do good Mr. Parsons. If you wanted to help, all you have to do is ask next time and you can be part of the volunteering which we had over 40 volunteers help us make this happen.

Linda M Wooten
Androscoggin County Republican
State Committeewoman

Many of us who were in

Many of us who were in attendance did hear the reponse or what Gilbert did say directly after MacDonald encouraged the attendees with the jobs that Argo provides. So you truly can call it Hear Say. We heard it and Gilbert did Say it! He definitely played off the Mayors speech.

Bravo Mr. Levesque for renovating an older historical building! I'm looking forward to knowing more about the store fronts and café! Employing Lewiston residents should certainly give a boost up in the economy there! To start your employees off with $10 p/h is excellent. One of my last jobs that entailed a college degree paid me 11.55 p/h. I'm very happy to have been at the Candidate Forum and although I couldn't stay for the entire night, I was encouraged by the news of your job openings when I left!

Against Further Debt!

"While the first three years of the welfare expansion would be picked up by the federal government, the federal reimbursement rate would drop to 90 percent after that. The Department of Health and Human Services estimates Maine would then have to start contributing $75 million in additional funds to Medicaid every year, and that is a conservative estimate. It would likely be more than that."

I hope people read , research and understand this information because we are not told these facts when our Democrat leaders push our state to go into further debt on the premise that the federal government will give us 100% reimbursement if we expand Medicaid...we're not told that it's a temporary deal and we're not told that we'll accrue further debt of a conservative projection of 75 million dollars per year!

Let's help the children, elderly and poor and let's make Maine a friendly place to set up business to put the able bodied to work. We need to do this together. Our elected leaders need to tell the facts so that Maine citizens can make an informed choice. Stop making it about politics!

Thanks for your honesty Senator Mason!

Frank Would you please resign

from whatever position you hold because of your comment!