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The problem most, not all,

The problem most, not all, people (including the most of the media) is they fail to mention this might not have ever happened if society was trained on proper gun safety for anyone who owns them (i.e. If a parent has guns in a house, you can teach your kids proper gun control and safety, but ensure the guns are locked up and ammo locked as well separate from each other. Then make sure the only ones who know where the keys are, are the parents). If this was done, we wouldn't even possibly be talking about Dick's Sporting Goods making a ban on selling "modern hunting rifles" in their stores.

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**geographically more central part of town.

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why not

I don't see why they couldn't put the tower on top of pinnacle or bell hill. Those hills are in a physically more central part of the town.

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How can someone find out what

How can someone find out what Mr. Craw would be willing to sell it for?

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Does the MDIF&W have a

Does the MDIF&W have a webpage or some place we can write to give them our input as anglers? We might know of invasive species to a watershed that they might know of yet, this could help with the MDIF&W getting an overall better hold on the situation. I do know MDIF&W does a decent job with staying on top of situations and attempting to deplete any invasive species.

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Shin Pond

Should also look at the smallmouth bass population that is killing the Landlocked Salmon population in Upper and Lower Shin Pond up in Patten area.

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what else to watch for

Considering I work in Private sector of Security. People also need to be aware to watch out for the same idea, but through e-mails they receive as well. They might seem legitimate, but they're not. I don't know how many times I've seen people come in and attempt to send money to a person to instate, then after they need you to send more money but this time it has to go to spain or Puerto Rico, Jamaica, etc. because "the person is on a business trip."

Another way this happens is these scam artists have figured out how to hack a person's e-mail, then use their contacts list to research someone to attempt to get money out of, then use the hacked e-mail to send message to that person in the contact list. This makes it look like a friend of theirs is trying to get money.

Either way just keep an eye out for this stuff, If in doubt about sending money like this, ask for Customer Service Rep to help and call in on it first. Chances are if you are getting this, you aren't the first.

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Yes, you're probably right

Yes, you're probably right for the ones who have abused it consistently. I meant anyone who has ever had it and the abuse I meant even if it was just one time they did it. Out of that maybe 1-2% abuse it on a severe and consistent basis. Again, just so we're clear, I am just giving a possibility of these numbers (I have no statistics just guesstimates

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Or in other stores the next

Or in other stores the next day using it wisely, to make sure their family will make it until the next month.

No kidding there isn't rampant spending all month, but if they use it all up right then and there on Drugs/alcohol/tobacco etc. Of course they won't get anymore, but that's money the taxpayers have to pay to them and this is what it's used for. I know, not everyone does this... but I'm gonna throw a number out there, not that it may be accurate but to what I've seen and as a guesstimate about 25% abuse the system with these somehow. (Energy Drinks should be another one not allowed)

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I know of an example where a

I know of an example where a person was collecting Food Stamps and Maine care in 2010 for herself and her daughter. I reported that person to DHHS, and they shrugged it off like it was nothing. The thing I saw wrong with this, was the daughter had been staying and living with her Father the entire time, but they did nothing. Oh, and go figure that person manipulating the system is a crackhead! (That was told to DHHS too) and thankfully the father has SOLE CUSTODY of his kid.