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Ronald Riml,

It often amazes me at how some people try to read in what they think is going in the head of another.

My heart and soul had absolutely nothing to do regarding what I felt was a very simple question of why something that I didn’t understand was happening.

As a veteran myself I simply have a problem with the fact that the V.A. is just having such a problem with taking care of our deserving veterans. I just happen to think that their having to go to the state for health care isn’t what should be happening.

As to your mention of how the vets get to Togus, etc… just another example of reading more into an issue than needed or wanted or being questioned?

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My question is simply:

Why does a homeless veteran have to even think about MaineCare? Shouldn’t the VA be tending to him/them for their health care?

What am I missing?

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Dear Mr. Swanton:

I just get crazy when the chatter always seems to come back to the ACA. We all know that this is rhetoric in its worst form. Trust me that the President is not at fault for what is happening.

The problems in congress right now, this minuet, today, has to do with passing a clean CR and raising the debt limit which are everyday business decisions for our legislators.

Coming up with all these other reasons not to do it is nothing more than a smokescreen to disrupt and cause crisis and chaos. Do what you should have done and get the country going and then argue yourselves to death about whatever you want to argue about.

You have mortally wounded yourselves and you just can’t decide what to do next? Your constituents at home are suffering because of you right now and that’s the reverse of how it is supposed to work.

I have no trouble reminding you once again that you are there to represent us and to do our bidding for a better life, not cause chaos and gridlock and prevent anything positive to come our way from you.

It is starting to get very old, folks.

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You said in your letter: “The governor has done more for this state in his three years in office than 40 years of governors before him.” I agree and most if not all of it bad for the State, and not much if any of it good for its people.

Know that I am Franco-American and I certainly don’t look up to Mr. Lepage. In this regard, he is a big disappointment.

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Bonds for 2014?

It would seem to me that if the Governor were to release ignored previously voter approved bonds it might get people working now rather than 2014? I am sure that the previously approved bonds are loaded with the means to repair roads and bridges, among other things.

Let’s get to work!!!!

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Water cost increase:

I found this to go through like crap through a goose.

It amazes me at how given the initial outrage expressed in the article, it certainly wasn’t a factor that the councilors considered. Do you get the idea that this was a slam dunk? Duh!

My only question of relevance has to do with sewer charges? There hasn’t been any talk about this, but as we all know that doesn’t negate any possibilities? Are they going up as well? We’ve always been told that what comes in goes out. Are these services truly separate, or are they connected at the hip?

In conclusion I can only add that this is another example of the need for more from those with the least. I am not only referring to us on fixed incomes, I am referring to most people in Lewiston. Wages do not go up at a 20% rate and yet this is alright? Retirees went up a whole 1.7% this year. That certainly makes it easy for us to pay 20% more for water. What’s next? It becomes very difficult to keep your home when this kind of reasoning exists.

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Help me here:

I guess I just don’t understand your problem with the closed door selection of the Democratic leaders for the upcoming future? Are these leader selections of any great importance to us, the general public? You say they are?

I see these proceedings as selection of people within the party who will be primarily the spokesmen for the party. It isn’t as though these are discussions regarding the people’s welfare here? I see this as Party business?

Transparency is compromised when meetings having to do with decisions affecting the citizenry are conducted behind closed doors, as our current Governor has done.

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You must be joking?

Using Romney’s supposed successes in Massachusetts and the Obama’s ACA as the main thrust for your supporting Romney is shortsighted. Romney left Mass. in 47th place in job growth and a multi million dollar deficit. I certainly do not see this as positive reasons to put the man in the oval office. His consistent flip flopping on issues certainly hasn’t created and nurtured trust. I certainly have no desire to await his coronation to discover what it is he will decide to do once in power? Not me! God help us all if he does.

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I doesn't affect my life either way. I believe in live and let live.

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I believe the question you need to resolve in your mind is: "How will the marriage of two people same sex persons affect your life"? Answer: Nothing.