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Justifing budget cuts and this

When the state is making cuts across the board to agencies and other services and lepage citing cuts are necessary how can they justify half a million for security, seriously, half a million to protect the few people from what if's? Maybe they should have included psych evaluations as part of the job?

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If you want a bit of gay

If you want a bit of gay history in Lewiston, Maine a bar manager isn't the first place one would start. Regarding his comment about he doesn't know if they'll be one, its odd because they're planning on to go on Lisbon street last I knew. Its amazing how in depth these news articles are.

The current owner and bar manager are the main reason for the demise of the business. They sold it to start something new; has nothing to do with the slow economy. And many people have been turned off with attitude from the current management. I wouldn't put much stock into what Michael says as total truth in the matter. He seems to have gotten the press's ears yet is not one I would put faith in to lead any type of gay business.

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I must say, as the Uncle of

I must say, as the Uncle of Taylor, the family had no idea this was going on. I cannot say a thanks because the situation seems to used to other people's advantage. No one can replace the loss of the child, but as the facts stand right now.. the fire department's policy was to not go in and save a life, as per the fire dept and Lewiston police Dept detective.

To those who were displaced, the fact still remains many were not paying their rent for months in the buildings adjacent or were actually evicted. I would appreciate if people in the community are using Taylor or referencing to the fire victims to actually use that for that purpose. It ills me to think and see other people using it as a ploy to get people to come and donate money. I do not think highly of the fire departments using this fire as an example of fire safety with candles. They neglect to tell the public that the candle was actually tipped over by one of the residents who were in the apartment. They neglect to say that the residents were under the influence of drugs. They also neglect to state that Taylor was on the opposite side of the apartment where the fire was; not blazing out the window. In the case of hard facts I would welcome news reporters to actually do a thorough perspective.

Regarding family not being at this dinner... what would be the point? First off, the family was not informed of it. Secondly it makes me question to the validity of who they are saying are the victims. It is great to see the public come together but accountability and the use of tragic events to serve self-serving interests as you can see by googling Taylor McQueeney is disheartening.

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Great Article :) here are

Great Article :) here are some more photos of Taylor. Miss you my fearless soldier.
Uncle Paul