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Typical artsy liberal behaviour....embrace the enemy. The timely discussion will be "sure you are my friend, I'll kill you last".

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Just because there happens to be a small surplus in the school budget, doesn't mean it
MUST be spent. How about saving some money for the future? As for using grant money, don't think that money comes out of the air for free.

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Insurance reform

Wow. The democrats are against "fast tracking" a health insurance bill. Imagine that!
Ever hear of Obamacare? Didn't someone once say "you have to pass it to see what's in it"? I guess the democrats don't like having the tables turned on them. Competitive pricing is going to be good for everyone.

Mark Elie

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Class warfare

This country is not supposed to have a "ruling" class. The people we send to Washington are sent there to work for us.

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Rt. 136

I wonder how this news makes the people who's businesses closed because of the road closure feel about this?

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Armed home owner

Bravo! The 2nd amendment is alive and well and being used as intended by the founding fathers.