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"Macdonald said expanding bus

"Macdonald said expanding bus service should wait until there is a need."

Poor Lewiston! The city just re-elected a mayor with such retro thinking. I'm sure he does not see how his thinking is tired and stale.

A city needs to create its own future not wait until its future is created by circumstance. A city needs imagination and courage, not clichés and regurgitation.

I dispair for Lewiston.

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Larry Gilbert to run for mayor

Larry is an intelligent and thoughtful man and will bring insight, imagination and discipline to Lewiston government. The city is forging head into a future that promises many good things. Larry Gilbert is the man to lead the community durng that time.

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Boy scouts accept gay boys

Why ever not! The righteousness of the opposition is staggering. How can one not ask if this fer of homosexuality stems from fear of the oppositions own unavowed homophilia?

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Snowe a Centrist?

Olympia Snowe ought to go into marketing now that she is no longer in the Senate. She did a fantastic job of hiding her conservative views as those of a centrist. She voted consistently for the misguided war in Iraq along with her Republican colleagues, voted against the Affordable Care Act which had been gutted by her colleagues, etc. (The list could go on and on.)

Snowe is a centrist only in the sense that the political spectrum has shifted dangerously to the right. In the Republican world led by Nixon, Rockefeller, Ford, she would have been more appropriately understood to be the right-wing politician she was for so many years in spite of her centrist marketing campaign.

(Collins is now marketing herself as a centrist!)

We are better off with Angus King in the Senate. He is really in the center.

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Papal resignation

This is a man who made repeated hateful judgements on gay people. I hope the next pope will be a more loving man, more tolerant of diversity.

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taxes are a legitimate function of government

Without taxes how would snow removal be funded? That's what taxes do: permit the government (which is us: "We the people...") to render needed services—such as snow removal, and schooling, etc.—that contribute to the commonwealth.

The Republican tax cuts last summer were irresponsible and created a budget shortfall that everyone but they anticipated.

In my household economy, I anticipate expenses to assure that I have the revenue to pay my way. When I had children at home, it was not an option to stop feeding them or clothing them or heating their bedrooms. I went out and found the additional revenue I anticipated I would need to provide for my children. he present administration did not exercise this responsibility.

It is not all right for the LePage administration to continue to propose doing the equivalent for our poorest citizens.

From each according to his/her means; to each according to his/her needs.

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Gun control

This is right on. The Second Amendment rights have been overblown. The right to carry a semi-automatic. Get real! We need more strict gun control.

This editorial is well done and deserves much attention.

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lower tax revenue...

Duh! After the largest tax cut in Maine history. Do I need a PH. D in economics here? Oh, I'm sorry...

Let's blame it on the Department of Health and Human Services. How could I be so confused as think the tax cut may have something to do with the shortfall? Yes, let's take services away from our "have nots."

Isn't that how we judge the greatness of a society: by what it can give to the "haves" and what it can take away from the "have nots." LePage is obviously leading us to greatness.

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It's not that LePage is not popular--which he isn't. It's that he was elected by a minority and does not represent the position of the people of Maine.

He is where he is because Maine does not have a majority clause in it electoral procedures. So...

LePage has little to recommend his position of taking the issue of the tracker to the court of public opinion. Public opinion is AGAINST him because he was not elected by the majority of voters.

The figures in the Stone post are inaccurate.

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Legalize prostitution

Criminalizing prostitution is a product of a puritanical society that views sex as bad. What two consenting adults do in private ought to be legal. Making sex a hidden activity leads to underworld crime.

There is of course implications in the private lives of people who engage a prostitute--but that is not a legal matter. That need for resolution is between the members of the couple.

It is time to legalize prostitution. The Zumb case is a travesty. Our legal and police system ought to be out after more dangerous crime.