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proof of residency

what ever happened to proving one's residency requirements to get assistance?

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if it works, dont fix it

well state, why did you award a contract to this company in the first place? dont fix what isnt broken, and return to the former way of doing things. it doesnt take a genius to figure this out.

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MDOT ideas are not well though out

trying to be nice in my thoughts since this public. MDOT idea of narrowing the lanes on Lisbon St. is idiotic. i agree, hang up the hats and go home, find another job that best suits that thinking, like driveway and swimming pool designs.

the mess auburn has created with those round abouts should send a loud a message ... the public doesnt want your ideas.

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who pays for this?

who will be paying for the up keep of this? the local tax payers like they are doing for the empty bates mill?