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You don't seem to speak the original language

Translating something demands you are able to comprehend the original language. Since local, state, and federal funds are shared to fund items like roads, education, and national defense we all partake in benefits that some of our local funds could not support.
You don't avoid driving on state roads in your municipality do you? You want the State police to keep you safe, and the national government to defend our country?
Or are you going to buy your own Abrams, Stealth bombers, and pay for your own roads?

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No you read it wrong

A total comparison when including years of experience, training, and education show that the employees earn less. That is why the study had to have lawyers pry it out of the hands of the State.
I pay taxes on the money going to my pension unlike many pre tax savings plans. I then pay taxes again whenever I take it out.
I guess your summary is that as long as you have it hard, and you were definitely put through the wringer thanks to Bush and company, then no one else should do any better?
SS Colas can rise above 3%. LePage and the Tea Party limited state COLAs to 3% regardless of inflation, then threw a three year freeze on top of it.
I didn't say Union membership threw it off, I said non union highly paid employees threw it off.

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Thanks but

Actually the reports shows that most state employees are paid less including benefits. There are exceptions of course and the inclusion of highly paid non-union employees throws the scale off even further. Then on retirement the cut in any possible COLA to 3% regardless of inflation added to the reduction of almost all earned SS benefits is a hidden cut.
The fact is that the state mandated employees out of SS because the pension system costs less than SS.

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Laughing with you, not at you. Being in front of a PC keeps feeds this geek's habit. 24hrs without the net and I would be twitching. They will probably close the thread soon.

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Proof Given

I provided the link. I have not heard the response.

The study was outsourced by the governor, not done by the Union or by state employees.

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Whether we agree or not, you are a refreshing change from the mouth breathers that hate state employees reflexively.

The link to the study that was NOT done by state employees includes the cost of benefits in the comparison.
This is not a Union study, even though the link is at a Union site.
With my family care I pay about Six thousand a year before co pays and deductibles.

Again, thank you for your intelligent comments and questions even if we end up not completely agreeing.

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Not factual

I have studied the so called salaries reported. In many cases they are far from accurate. They include, by double counting the pension cost the employee pays in. Example: Ten dollars an hour, the employee pays sixty five cents an hour towards their pension. Their pay is reported as Ten dollars sixty five cents an hour.
They also refuse to take information off the website even if it contains information that could lead a spousal abuser to their victim. They have been asked and the reply is politely and paraphrased as "tough luck".
They also misrepresent the costs of the pension the state pays. I won't bore you but the state portion is misrepresented by a factor of about three hundred percent.
I stand by my statement. If I did say they are a right wing, slanted, B.S., organization with the sole intent of destroying hard working people, then it is because I minimized the intent.

You forgot to respond to the fact that fairly measured state employees, (By the State's own study) are paid less, including benefits than the equivalent jobs in private industry. (In almost, not all, cases)

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Those paychecks are earned. Those are earned benefits. The State of Maine did a study that took legal action to discover and that study proved that state employees when compared based on experience, training, and length of service get paid less than private counterparts.
What part of proof don't you like? The part that disagrees with your preconceptions, or the part that disagrees with Fox news?
MaineOpengov. Right wing, site so slanted that they would accuse a union fire fighter of child abuse for carrying a kid down a ladder in winter without a coat.

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Crawl if you like

The stock market is doing great, those making 250K and up are doing great. They are doing great by taking your money. If you choose to crawl, to beg, to lick someone's boots because they choose to underpay you, insult you, and demand gratitude, you are free to follow your own advice............crawl.
I am an American and too proud of my work, my history, and my country to become Chinese.

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What are you talking about? I

What are you talking about? I am a state worker and can write complete sentences with fully formed thoughts. Exactly what is a 301K plan?