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A positive from a negative

Now things might happen as State and Fed employees now face what we " the once middle working class" has been up against for years.. Living paycheck to paycheck, going without, and never knowing if your job will be there tomorrow... Karma has a way of evening out the playing fields.. I am sorry so many people are/will be effected however it may shift the focus back to the working class and much needed changes...We the hard working people need to know that we will have a job,have a paycheck that will support our families, that we do not work just to carry the State of Maine... Family first !

Your kidding right ?

All i can say is WOW Genise... Did you not read the full story ? This man has a clean record but a very difficult and complicated health history.. There for the grace of God go we... Why would you condemn anyone who has medical matters that caused a period of irrational behaviors ? If anything look at it as a caution to all that medications need to monitored closely and that is the role of a physician...which clearly was not in place for this man... I know Ron and he is a wonderful man who is taking full responsibility for this matter even though it was not of his normal actions but of the wrong medications... and lack of close monitoring of side-effects.. Yes i work with medications and side effects daily and i know first hand how they can change a person's mentality, personality,judgement and values causing people to do and say things that are not safe or appropriate.. HOW ABOUT looking at the whole person before the adverse reaction to judge them... This man and his family are going through enough without people being mean and nasty over something that was medication induced , however he has learned many things that day one being who his friends are... I got your back Ron....


To the parent, do you really want to add further trauma to this sad event ? What will the boys think if you do that to Nana? What will the boys learn from your actions, that is alright to treat family and others like dirt ? If she was with the boys you must have trusted her and instead of banning together to support each other during this freak ACCIDENT you are causing more stress for your family I hope you love your boys more than your actions dictate..One day you maybe on the other end of a tragic freak accident... think of how you would like that to be handled by your family after all your boys will live what they learn.....


Yes i understand your stand but do you not realize when someone is suicidal they do not feel like they have any choices, i believe this young man felt as there was no other way to escape his pain, there is a huge emotional shift in actual plan and intent. I work in Mental Health and see many suicidal people who also feel there is no way out of there crisis. Your statement may also cause his mom from feeling safe to visit him at the same cemetery. During difficult times reach out to supportive others and be mindful to not lash out at others who had nothing to do with your loss however are now feeling that same pain as you are. I am very sorry for your loss and may have been harsh but felt the need to protect this mom living her worst nightmare. May you find comfort in your memories and empathy in your heart to reach out to others in need.


Are you really that cold and cruel? You speak about your daughter with compassion and grief however feel no empathy for another lost life or the pain his family is experiencing. I wondered if this was a fake post as no one can be this heartless and self absorbed as to not feel the pain of this tragic outcome. The only rational i can justify is that you your self are very emotionally ill or this is a fake post to gather the negative response.


No i just felt compelled to share my thoughts on the matter but in no way want to come across as someone who knows. I am a critical thinker who is seeking answers too. I have learned that every coin has two sides and we get more work done by working together rather than against each other. I think we share the same hope !

maybe this is why ?

Tina, while i am not one who knows the answers, i do know that at the state level they are committed to dole out different packages to different departments. If DHHS is in dire straights its because that dept has overspent,mis-used allotted funds or keeps growing to exceed their capacity. I do not think they can take back a tax break that was part of an original overall state/federal budget plan. Fed money also has to be used in the dept that it was requested for so it is not cold hearted people saying let every one die it is regulations of the money that we either follow through with the intended plan for that fund or risk loosing all future funding. With very little people working and paying into the system the programs would fold due to the balance between the wage earners and the recipients. Maine can not afford to maintain the current level of inkind services and would STOP in its tracks without these harsh actions unfolding. I do believe this is serious and necessary to stabilize. I despise the word cutback and have felt the realities over the past 10 years, seen many leading Agencies downsize,fold altogether,have many professional colleagues not working and have myself scrambled for work. I am not qualified to extend clarity or inside truths but i have lived and observed this matter many times over so this is just my observations.


None, that is why i have worked many years in human services and provided free services and even paid for clients medications that were cut without notice. I have a 65,000 school loan and give out more of my paycheck than i keep to people in need so please do not think i do not care or do my fair share or feel the effects of the CUTBACKS... I have been through Hell with the cutbacks and lost a lot including my business and office but i am not bitter i am still out there servicing my clients to assist them in these scary times... I only wish that the citizens of Maine would team up and stop the fighting on who sucks and who does not... I bet the people who do the most complaining have not sacrificed or lost a fraction of what i or my clients have...Use your energy to resolve as it would serve us all in a positive way...

Long time in the works

I have worked through many cutbacks and closing of necessary services never knowing if we would have our jobs the next day. When you are faced with job loss due to DHHS cutbacks, you know that this budget mess has been shifted for years as one day you will lose your job and clients will lose their services but then the next day it will continue for a while well that tells me this crisis has been going for years and someone has only shifted the cost and never took the appropriate action to resolve the crisis, sweeping it under the rug has not fixed the problem. Although i do not agree with all of the governors actions i do feel he is the only one willing to address this head on and take the wrath to do what is necessary for the survival of Maine, then rebuild the services that were cut so harshly but first we need to get our heads above water then with the appropriate steps we will all emerge out of the water completely.


I think it is a lot worse than people know and if the captain of a ship is showing signs of panic you better brace for the iceberg.