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I am totally disgusted with the Sun Journal for putting such a terrible headline for all to see ....EVERYWHERE...
I would think that the city of Lewiston wanting more business's and more people to move here, would be disgusted as well....
I think it is a way to get more business by these individuals that are claiming this.

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pot hole city

I wonder if they would like to use Oak Street...from Union Street up to Davis Street on a daily basis......The holes in the road were made over five years ago and they patch here and there but never does it last more then a few months. I have seen people fall because of the holes and bike riders go flying...We have been on roads for hunting that are in better condition than our own city.....

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Bates kids

every Thursday night, the college kids go up our street and most of the time are rowdy and destructive. They usually break picket fences from several of the houses the whole length of the street.
You ask, why not call the police? Well before the police get there, the students are GONE.....
We always are grateful for May and end of the school year.
Not saying all the students that attend Bates are this way, but wish they could all use some
adult judgement before going out in the adult world.