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Street Talk

To Mark Laflamme:
I have a concern about your article " Street Talk" in Wednesdays edition. I am wondering exactly who the little 2 year old was that you mentioned. I HOPE it was not a little girl by the name of Tonia Ridlon, because if it was then I need to set the story straight. My little baby sister did indeed fall out of a third floor window in August of 1990 but not because her mom was "smoking and talking on the telephone" and not paying attention. The screen was left open by someone in the household, who did not even live there. I do not blame my mom, my dad or my sister.... I blame this unnameable person who was always leaving the screen open even after being told numerous times to keep it shut due to the baby. My sister was eating popcorn and a piece fell out the window. My mom was doing dishes, my dad was watching his shows and my sister was up in a chair at the table. When the popcorn went out the window, my sister went after it not realizing the danger of her actions. So if you could just clear this up for me, it would be appreciated. If you were NOT talking about this child then I give my apologies. If you WERE talking about this child, then you and everyone else need to get the story straight before publishing it and hurting those who are related.