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Web campaigners happy to take credit for Elan School closure

Hi my name is Jerome Lemieux I attended The Elan School from 1998-2001. I have paid much attention to the web campaign organized to end this schools existence. Clearly the only reason why the school is now discussing how they have made improvements, is ultimately as a result of all of the psychologically devastating events that these campaigners have brought to light. When I attended the school they used an extremely unproductive strategy in order to break down, then build up, and finally control the minds of these young people. At that time I was 14 years old, dealing with imaginable life scarring memories. There was some good in the students and people, but the system being based on cult like theories is a disaster. It has been an evolving corrupt school for 30 + years. The students who experienced the misery have spoken up, and now it is a devolved school that closed. There can be no rationalization to spending 50,000 and receiving the most inept medical, educational, and institutional help. It is a for profit school ladies and gentlemen.