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Jeff, I think you

Jeff, I think you misunderstand me.
Just sayin that if BSA wishes to hold to certain tenets of the Jewish God, then it's their right, and I couldn't fault them for continuing in a line of belief that stems from some of the earliest portions of pertinent religious text(s).
I suppose if BSA leadership were to reverse said belief system, then well, there you go. But logic dictates that no-one should be surprised that a group suc as this would stand on what they understand to be God's edicts & guidelines.
And I assume you're an ultra-orthodox, and sectarian Jew, when you assert that OT texts are still the moral guiding rule for conduct in society?

my point I guess, is that it at least partially about God, when you decide to invoke His name..which BSA does..

Good chatin with ya either way.

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Could it be that...

Could it be that the BSA stance on this issues meshes with the view of the God who is mentioned in their oath?
If so(and it does), what does one do with that?
Well, I would say, one separates oneself from the scouts, as you have mentioned.


Simply, remove the religious component, declare it religiously sanitized & neutral, and be done with it.

What say you?

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My .02

Since we're all entitled to our opinions...
All I know is on WGAN one morning months ago, I heard Angus King say President
Obama should be re-elected because he's doing a good job.
I'm sorry, but that was enough for me to make a single sweeping judgment as to how this fellow thinks, and what he values.

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ou tof state?

Does it strike anyone else as ironic that he's from NH, after asserting:

"While he expects opposition to the referendum, mostly from out-of-state organizations,"

And hasn't this issue(g-rights) come up before Mainers like lots of times, and been defeated?

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heres a good one..

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stoopid politics...

stoopid politics...

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well, I won't call names but

well, I won't call names but one of us was talking
illogically...and it wasn't me.

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confused community oragnizer

So, a gal comes to my house to convince me to vote Yes for the
I explain that I don't think casinos is what represents what folks like about Maine, etc etc
She tells me "yeah, I'm not for gambling either, but one passing in Biddeford would mean one coming to Lewiston..."
I totally didn't get it.
She said she's against gambling...but wants me to vote for the casinos..
she was very confused, or just ashamed to admit she likes gambling..?

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"A coalition of progressive groups..."

Don't really even need to read further do we...

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IT Salaries

$12.xx/hour for tech support...
$24K a year...

so, clearly entry level jobs attracting entry level expertise.
I can only hope they reward intelligent folk with salaries that
a person in Maine, paying Maine taxes can actually live on.

Not trying to be a jerk, but geez....
I fear this center will do little to stifle the brain drain.
I hope I'm wrong.