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Seriously what's the big deal

After an election fraught with attack ads from nameless PACs with questionable funding, really what's the big deal?

How many faceless committees ran truthless advertising and attacks during the campaign, and why is this one website which, according to you, was mostly links to other sources getting so much press?

Cutler's links to the press make this seem like further proof of a lack of journalistic integrity

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Marden's is grit alriright

That place is filthy. They must have to import that smell.

Do you really buy food there. I hope The Sun / Journal gives you good health insurance.

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What's the Over/Under on Demeritt quitting out of frustration?

It's really funny to see LePage supporters come out and defend what he says as "telling it like it is" when his own guy is clearly visibly frustrated by his lack of decorum. We're only a couple weeks into his administration and already he's made national news for acting like a lummox.

I didn't vote for the guy, but I am hopeful that he can learn to shut his trap and get some things done in Augusta. The taxes here are ridiculous. I wish that someone running on cutting the fat hadn't hired his 22 year old recent college graduate daughter at $10,000 more than the average household salary of Waterville. Even if she was the best person for the job, it smacks of hypocrisy. It's politics as usual.

Let's see what happens in his first 100 days. I'm open to giving the guy a chance. I think he's got some good ideas. But for crying out loud, stop talking like you're back in Little Canada, you're the highest official in the executive branch of the state.

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