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Carbonite and Star Wars

It's funny thyen how in training at Carbonite they tell you it is Star Wars themed. In fact all the teams have Star Wars based names such the 181st, The Droids You are Looking For and others. Internal web sites such as Jedi and Chewy make one wonder as well.

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Must be nice to take a vacation 90 days into a new job. Most WORKERS and yes he works for us or is supposed to, don't get vacation time until a year on the job. What makes LePage so special ?

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That same 12 year old boy

That same 12 year old boy will see that same bikini clad girl, or another bikini clad girl any time he goes to any lake or beach in Maine or any other state foir that matter. If you think she is wearing less than her underwear, remember most women these days don't wear granny panties. Quit being so uptight about the human body, that type of repression is what leads to sex related crimes. Look at countries where it is more open and see how few sex crimes they have.


There is nothing to be ashamed of here at all