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Knotty Horse

The judge has made the right decision in having Tom Judd decide the fate of this horse. Tom took care of our horses for several years. Tom was always there to decide what was best for our horses. He knew that it is often hard for owners to be subjective when it came to their best friends. He will be non bias but will also decide what is best for the horse. He has a huge heart and will make the right decision for Knotty.


Thank you for the correction. And now I will correct you. YES, if the Staples truck or Pepsi truck were blocking the sidewalk and the road they would be moved along. The officer was polite and patient. He explained the law and gave them suggestions on how to proceed next time. If this had been a Staples or Pepsi truck and the police had come along this whole discussion would not have even started because it would not be a news story because it would not have involved a person of darker skin. All I am saying is that people get up in arms because it involves someone of imported decent. It is a law, it is a law! Stop using your color as an argument for why you need to follow the laws. There would not be so much unrest if people would not expect different treatment. You have no idea the amount of times a Pepsi driver is asked to move because it is not made an issue. Watch Parking Wars sometime and watch how many are asked to move just on that show!

Not Really!

I think that if you watch around town, the police put their lights on to warn of a problem. Correct me if I am wrong, no one said the police ever had the siren on. The reason the police were there was because the store owner was obstructing a public way. There was a complaint the police responded. Just like they would, and do, if the Somalians called to ask them to enforce our American laws!


If you read the article, I believe they were business owners moving stuff into their shop. I think the officer did the job we as tax payers, pay him to do! I suspect they had a complaint from a citizen and, as you would want them to do, they had to follow-up on the complaint. If it is against the law then it is against the law. When a complaint is made they need to follow through.


How can this person say it is discrimination when it is the law???? I am tired of people using the 'They pick on me because of my color' card! This furniture was very evidently blocking the way. If you want to come to a state or for that matter a country, KNOW THE LAW! Do you think that we 'pale' people go to another country and get any kind of break because we do not agree with their laws? When you go to a state or country, you are expected to follow the laws!


I wish there was a way to track these offenders no matter where they go! When we had our meeting on this monster, the father of one of his victims spoke. He was from Mass. and we couldn't even keep track of Leno from two states away! Durham has no police dept. We rely on Ando. Sheriff and State police. We fought for a law that offenders could not move into towns that have no police dept. I was actually got an e-mail from one of our wonderful political leaders telling me a law like that would be unconstitutional!!! Since when did protecting our children and women become unconstitutional!!!???


I hope he has a great trip.....on my retirement money I am sure!

Gun Laws! Where's the punch line?

We need to review our gun laws! The only people the laws are harming are the LEGAL gun owners! I live next door to a convicted felon. He gets caught hunting without a license....OH, HUNTING! That means this felon had a gun! Not to mention the other guns he handed over when the game wardens went back to his house. Oh but do not worry those in fear.......he was severly reprimanded! A $750 dollar fine!!! But do not worry about this man.......was that a gun his coat was draped over as he left his house the next Thanksgiving day????