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'Jokes' on you.

'Jokes' on you.

Ethics vs. Law

According to Title 18, Chapter 33, Section 700 of the United States Code (33
18 U.S.C. § 700) "a flag of the United States means any flag of the United States, or any part thereof, made of any substance, of any size, in a form that is commonly displayed."

Not the "made of any substance." Technically speaking this would constitute a flag meaning defacing it would be a criminal offense.

Not only would it be morally and ethically wrong by defacing another's property, but you are defacing a symbol of our country.

I do hope the person who did this recognizes the pain that his/her actions caused.

Tree Street Youth

I'm so glad that the Tree Street Youth students got to expierence this! Camp Connor rocks! I can remember summer camp as a kid and it was one of the best experiences of my life! I'm glad that these youth get to attend a camp such as Camp Connor!

Bikers have the right of way

Maine State Law requires that bicyclists ride on the road with the flow of traffic. ( The law requires that a cyclist follow all Maine Traffic Laws and follow the flow of traffic. It is EVERYONEs responsibility to ensure that it is COMPLETELY safe to pass a cyclist or pedestrian (Maine State Law says 3 feet between the car’s farthest mirror and the pedestrian/cyclist. While the cyclist was doing the right thing, nobody should have gotten into anyone’s face and started yelling. Should anyone have felt unsafe it is their responsibility to contact the police and request assistance.

Allisa, from your experience you are right – they do have the right to ride in the middle of the road in cities like Portland and Brunswick as the traffic patterns are frequently changing. However if one is going straight and there are no right hand turning lanes a cyclist is required to remain as far right as possible.

The bottom line: everyone needs to treat someone on a bicycle as if they are a car and only overtake the bicycle when you have established the same things as a car; no oncoming traffic, and that you can pull SAFELY into the other lane completely. Just as with a car you MUST pull COMPLETELY into the other lane and pass and then merge back…..It’s the law….

Not productive..

I am sorry to hear that you have experienced a misconception on what the Project is about. My comments were not meant to intimidate or scare you, but rather to inform you that the words you were saying - though you may feel wholeheartedly about - are hurting others. Making the statement "They look like Social Misfits, sorry to say but their appearence leaves much to be desired." was a completely uncalled for comment. You made "defamatory, abusive, or otherwise hateful comments" and "baseless personal attacks." All of which are against the policy of the Sun Journal. Your comments provided not constructive comments regarding the post.

Inapproperiate and completly uncalled for

Mr. Begin,

Your comments are frankly extremely inapproperiate and are uncalled for. Though these students attend an "alternative" high school, they are still attending school, they are working on developing their future in the best way that they can. The Franklin school is very well documented in the fact that it is able to keep students from a life of drugs, or destructive behaviors. These students are at the school for many different reasons, some for learning disabilities, and some for other reasons.

What scares me is not these students' frustration with"regular" school, but rather your comments. Your comments are degrading and provide little to no constructive comments.

Due to the nature of your comments I have reported your comments and your user directly to the Sun Journal's web team.

All I ask is that you think of who your comments are effecting before you make one.

Sam Chamberlain
Program Director
#NoBull Project

Julia is doing great!

Julia is a great woman! I have had the pleasure of working with her at the Dempsey Center, and on the Dempsey Challenge - she knows her stuff and cares about what happens to the earth. Julia has inspired so many people - she recently inspired Gritty's to start composting after her 2nd successful year the Dempsey Challenge composting food items, and recycling plastic items - she helped develop the healing garden - an amazing room at the Dempsey Center with a great view, and the power to really experience the many gifts of life and plants.

Julia is an amazing woman, and has taught me so much as a person! I am so grateful to have known her, and to see her help change this earth in India!

Senator Craven has been my

Senator Craven has been my Senator since I moved to Lewiston, and not once I have regretted standing behind this woman! Senator Craven is not only one of the most amazing, and hardworking individuals I know, but she also has a heart. Senator Craven goes door to door and personally talks to her constituents. Senator Craven has been working diligently not only for her constituents but also at John F. Murphy homes, working with adults who have mental and physical disabilities - a noble profession I might add.

I do not regret voting for Senator Craven, and will absolutely vote for her again this fall.

You are more than welcome to your opinions, as that is your right - but calling someone by anything other than their name or a variation of their name is a form of disrespect. If you are going to address anyone, no matter their political party, or their governmental employment - you need to call them by their name - Margaret or Senator Craven.

I absolutely agree!

This program (not specifically the exact curriculum) is offered at a large number of schools across the State of Maine. Some schools such as Edward Little in Auburn, only offer the program every other year as a way to cut expenses, as it is very expensive to run a program like this. A large number of schools will do mock accidents, which can again be VERY expensive as they really get into them.

But though money is often a problem, I will never discredit these programs. As another person said, if they save one life they will have been worth it.

Mandate Reporting?

If a teacher were to contact the Department of Health and Human Services (the organization that would handle any mandate reporting) each and every time a student was not eating at home, the system would be (more) over loaded and it would constitute an extreme abuse of the system.

Mandate reporting is when you suspect child abuse or neglect (plus a few other non-child related things), and a child not eating at home is NOT abuse or neglect. Often times families are having a very difficult time using Food Stamps as a way to purchase breakfasts or other meals, and so they are forced to make cuts. If the school provides an additional meal than that is money that can be spent else where.

The budget is not asking to INCREASE your taxes, but rather to use federal and state grant money that has ALREADY been removed by your taxes to assist students in consuming a healthy meal.