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Good luck??

The Bread Shack is doing exceptionally well in Auburn, on Center Street, in a heavy traffic area. Dara's prices are right on point with other sandwich shops as well, and her products are made fresh on the premises, not delivered in gallon jugs and plopped on sandwich bread. I was never so grossed out then to find out my favorite chicken salad at a local sandwich shop was delivered from the Midwest, already prepared, with an expiration date of several weeks on the gallon jug. Bleck. I am sure she is going to do as wonderful in Lewiston as she does in Auburn. I look forward to seeing her new digs and welcoming her to Downtown Lewiston. There, isn't that better than being a pessimist???

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owner responsiblilty

We owned a Rottweiller/German Shepard for 14 years until she passed a couple years ago. She was raised with love and patience, and had the sweetest disposition. I raised 3 three children, and their friends were always in and out of our house. Never a bark, growl or aggressive tendency. Truth be told, our Shih Tzu is the one you have to watch out for. Give love, get love, and that's what we had for 14 years.

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I was incorrect in my stating

I was incorrect in my stating Mr. Bissonnette was an elected official, I apologize about that.

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and this is the children's fault how?

Sorry Mr. Bissonnette, you attitude stinks, and it scares me to think you are an elected official.
A child has no choice in the lifestyle a parent chooses to live nor to control the environment they are brought up in.
I would rather a child be in a Pre K. program and have access to structured activities, nutritious meals and learning (on my tax dollar) then to have groups of children start kindergarten without proper preparation. Those are the kids that are going to need added help to get caught up and stay caught up throughout their school years. I have seen it firsthand. The Armory sounds like a great compromise, and if not that I am open to pretty much any alternative, but I am calling you out. Sorry, if you ignore the fact that some children don't get or can't get a great start in their early years to learning. Ignoring it or getting angry about it doesn't make the problem go away.

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Perhaps there should be more appreciation

I have stopped giving to the Salvation Army for the most part. I have found that the Ringers don't even take a moment to thank you anymore. Last week at Wal-Mart the ringer was smoking a cigarette with one hand and ringing his bell with the other, meanwhile, his cigarette smoke was flowing inside and blowing into anyone that was walking out face. By Big Lots, they sit down, smoke and look less than happy. I understand that it's probably not the best gig one can get, but if you are out supposedly spreading cheer and asking for donations, smile and thank people for digging into their pockets during this time of year.

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was a teacher of mine in Lewiston, he was creepy then, even creepier now. Thank you APD for clearing out the rubbish. People should be able to ride a bike, hike, or take a nature walk without coming face to face with men performing sexual acts. Keep up the good work. I am sure these men have families that are embarrassed at this moment, for that I am sorry, but, these acts they are committing are on them and about them, not you. They made poor choices and are paying for it dearly. Hope it was worth it.

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So relieved

So relieved and thankful Shawn has been found. Shawn, we worked together at the hospital, and you might not know it, but at the time, I was struggling with a job transfer that was going less than smooth. Your daily visits to my office were the highlight of my day. You have such a light in you, don't ever forget that. Whatever may have happened to make you feel so badly, let it go. Your wonderful spirit is a gift to those who know you. I wish you the best, and will keep you in my prayers.

Your friend

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Jaime, I don't know you, but I do know people in your situation. Sadly, the people I know who were put in your situation have always taken advantage and have become pros at scamming. They now have their home back, continue to work only sporadically, and receive state benefits. Does it tick me off, you betcha. It ticks me off that people can continue to leach off the system and be rewarded by being allowed to keep a home they can't afford.

I am not saying this is the situation with you. I don't know you and wouldn't stoop to judge a situation where I don't know all the facts.

You will find supporters here, and sadly, you will find the trolls, that hide behind their computers and spout hatred and anger. They will egg you on to exhaustion trying to defend yourself, so do yourself a favor, and let it be for a while. These people get their jollies out of your anger and explanations.

Life works out how it should, if it is meant that you should keep your home, it will work itself out, and if in the end, you can't, well, brush your knees off, get back to the business of living and continue loving your children. No one can take that away from you.

Best wishes and know you are far from the only ones in this situation.

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As the parent of a young adult who has come into contact with the police here in Lewiston, I lost respect for them. My son was in the wrong, and knew it, but the fact that an officer of the law approaches a car with a teen driver and starts using foul language before anyone can say anything was a complete turnoff. He had my son, he knew it, and to drop the f bomb every few words was a turn off. To call and point out the officer's misconduct was a complete waste of my time-I was asked, in a very surly tone if I was there, and was told that my son was lying, and the act of trying to point out any wrong doing on the officer's part was not allowed. I tried explaining that I was not trying to get my son off, but I considered it extremely unprofessional, again, waste of time. Since then, I have heard the same sorts of complaints from many young people. They are approached in a very disrespectable manner, some react in turn, some just can't believe the language from our fine officers. Not all, but some, and that's all you need to turn a situation bad--

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I beg to differ--I work on

I beg to differ--I work on Center Street, and have witnessed two people racing, with one in the turning lane--so yeah, where there is a will, there is a way-you perhaps, may be the ignorant one--and if they weren't racing, they sure as heck were trying to figure out who had the fastest vehicle, would you call that by a different name as well?