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Right on 2 accounts

Let's see Mark, how many seniors should BAND (not BAN) together in one place? I don't think that a married couple would want to share their home with someone else. Your solution is about as good as a fairy tale..

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Hannaford Donation

While his is a great thing to happen, why is it that only people living in Auburn benefit from this?
If you live in Auburn, you are allowed to go once a week to the food bank. The people living in Lewiston have a food bank also, but they are only allowed once a month..So what is up with that?
When Good Shephard was located in Lewiston, I believe that people from Auburn were allowed to get food. I find this very discriminatory as well as territorial. I thought we were trying to combine Lewiston/Auburn as the twin cities.

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Closing Commissary

What a shame that once again our military men, women, and their families are being unfairly kicked to the curb. They have served to protect us and our country, yet they are being denied one small benefit of buying at the Commissary. I am really upset about this, as these Military families deserve better.

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Matt's Taxi

Oh, please, don't you think the people realize that he will not be there next winter? Give them more credit. But for the summer, it is a great idea, and I hope he can continue.

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Peaks Island Taxi

I commend the Maine Heritage Policy Center for going to bat for Matt Rand and his taxi service. He is definitely and entrepreneur, and if we want our kids to be inventive, we must allow them the freedom to do so. I am wholeheartedly supportive of this young man and his endeavor. Good Luck, Matt..

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This is one of the problems

This is one of the problems with our judicial system. They keep releasing these offenders so they can re-offend, or take off. If I had my way, they would be sent to jail immediately after being found guilty, with NO appeals, or paroles..3 1/2 year?? What a joke. He should be in there for life..

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There is a site on the

There is a site on the Internet, where you can sell your books. It is a neat site, so check it out.
Jan McDonald
699 Sabattus St.
Lewiston, ME 04240

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Congratulations! It has been

It has been a pleasure having you as my nurse while at Marshwood. May you have many happy years together.

Janice McDonald

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My heartfelt condolences to

My heartfelt condolences to Dr. James's family. He delivered all 3 of my sons, and was indeed a very caring Dr. as well as a wonderful man. He also saved my life when I had an ectopic pregnancy. He was very honest, and had a terrific bedside manner. He was very proud of West-O-Lake and his wife and children, and would tell us stories about his "garden. Sometimes I had to remind him and my husband that I was there for a check-up. (:
So long, Dr. James
Janice Eastman Hill (McDonald)