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Here come the "experts"...

saying that the breed is to blame. Oddly enough, I live in the same town as this story, have 2 pit bulls in the my house, and have not encountered these problems. Why? Because they have been spayed and neutered and trained. They get exercise and aren't stuck in an apartment all day. They are no more a "round in the chamber" than my cat is. And I don't see an article in the newspaper when the dogs who live in the home behind me start fighting with each other. Wonder why? Oh, because they are mutts and not as interesting as a story. Hmmm...

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I'd like to know at what point Mr. Aldritch became rehabilitated? Was it when he was in prison and still making threats to people about what he would do when he got out? Do all the robberies and people he injured ever cross his mind? The people whose lives he affected?
It's real easy to just blame it on the drugs and say "oh, I was stupid,and don't even remember what I did..." But unfortunately,some of us still do remember.

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I've posted this to

I've posted this to Facebook,and plan on stopping by this afternoon to drop off some cash. I hope that we all can make a difference to a few families at least.

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It's so easy to look at

It's so easy to look at numbers on paper and forget that those figures are associated with real live human beings. At what point do you tell someone that it's just too bad if they are sick,injured,or in need of medication but we can't help you.Too bad if you can't afford it, or are already working 2 jobs to keep the lights on.Too bad that you don't happen to have popped out several kids . Too bad if you try every day to better your situation but just can't get anywhere. This constant referral to people receiving benefits as "lazy" is just ignorant. And guess what? Programs that serve the elderly/mentally ill/disabled are already working with nothing. What's left? I have a hard time believing there is no place else to cut except within the poorest population.

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Speaking as an owner of 2 pit

Speaking as an owner of 2 pit bulls, there is so many things wrong with this situation. Why was a "young girl" walking dogs that weren't her own, that were obviously too strong for her to handle? I see this constantly, nobody thinks anything of it as the kid is dragged along behind a dog with no control. Why would the owner have other people walking a dog that obviously wasn't trained?
I have no idea where the owner lives, but these are high energy dogs that need tons of exercise. Apartment living is not ideal,unless you make an effort to make lots of time to exercise them.
To me , it all boils down to the owners. I hate to see yet another example in the media of "bad pit bulls". It isn't their fault people use them as status symbols and don't bother with the tough part- training and obedience.

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Have you actually READ any of the accounts of air travelers who have been through this? Some of them are not searched by a member of their own sex, some of them have been have been more than "patted down". It is not my duty as an American to give up my freedoms just to cross the country to see my family. The TSA should be more educated as to how to look for potential problems instead of the "whack everyone with a big stick and eventually we'll get someone" policy that they are using now.

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I have this vision of people

I have this vision of people covering their ears and singing "la~la~la~ I can't hear you" . Wishing that kids never had sexual thoughts is great,but how about giving them some education ,too? You can't just repeat "no,don't do it" and expect that to work. Let's TALK about the issues,and about how the body works. Maybe then the kids wouldn't be just learning from each other,and passing around misinformation. In a perfect world,parents would be able to talk about this stuff,but it's certainly not perfect.