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Poll watchers/challengers should know the rules

Here in Maine if you have a state-issued ID or Maine Driver's license to show in order to registered to vote, you would have had to provide PROOF that you are a Maine resident and you are a US citizen or are in the country lawfully (legal presence).
If your social security number is not on file with the Secretary of State, you must provide your social security number. If you believe you are ineligible for a social security number, you must present an unexpired immigration document, such as an I-94, to help determine your ineligibility.

The Maine ID / Driver's License is typically the photo ID form used/accepted by Town Clerks when folks registered to vote. If you've recently moved, you will also be asked to show some type of utility bill with your current address on it.

My mother-in-law, a US Citizen, lived here for 65+ years and sounded like she "stepped off the boat yesterday", a very thick Flemish/French accent having been raised in Belgium. Her older sister sounded very British, because her formative years were in England.

We were all immigrants at one point in this country, . . everyone should be treated with respect when they exercise their right to vote.

Take your intimidating tactics elsewhere!

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Ya got my support Angus, how can I help?

As a bi-annual visitor to Prince Edward Island (PEI) in Canada I'd disagree with Joanne's statements. The island is full of windmills that are quiet & beautiful, haunting yet mesmerizing and do not detract from the pristine beauty of Anne of Green Gables home. We were a parking lot for Massachusetts way before Angus got politically active...that happened when we got greedy and sold our land & homes to the guy who paid the big bucks to us, which then drove our real taxes values & taxes higher. Marilyn in Harpswell

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USOC after the little guy....shame on them!

Wonder if the USOC is going after the famous southern cook Paula Deen who is holding the "Deen Beach Olympics" on Half Moon Cay....

It's a word people, come on!

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All Squared Away Now

Guess a couple of us mixed it up ;-D
Glad to see it's all straight now...

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Get your facts straight

Wrong again . . . young man's name is Scott Currie.

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Glad my kids are out of school . . . SSN's were issued for wage/retirement purposes....not IDs. If the state wants to track people they can issue a unique # for each person. Leave SSN out of it!

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Mis-Use of County Funds

If Horowwitz is spending the money on wages  that was originally allocated to him for building maintenance, then it's time for the county and Horowitz to part ways.