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Who's Come Forward?

Now you are printing the lie about LePage saying that BHO hates white people without the qualification that no one will let themselves be identified.. Has anyone that has said they heard this released their name?

I know media wants Michaud to win, but do they have to do it with outright lies?

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Governor's Alleged Comment

Do we have one person willing to have themselves identified as having Gov LePage actually say "Obama hates white people"? If he didn't say it why report it? His accuser should identify itself and present proof. None of this happened to my knowledge. What happened to verification ?

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Government Abuse

The ACA is clearly a bad law. So bad that POTUS is unilaterally breaking the law to postpone parts of it and to give out waivers to groups in order to avoid the very bad parts of the law. I believe that POTUS is breaking the law he swore to uphold. The law is the law until it is repealed or changed by due process. What do we call people who break the law and what do we do about it? We do not see or hear a peep from most of the media. WHY?

All this talk about a Government shut down. What we should be taking and acting on is the ACA law. If it is bad law; repeal it not break it. What kind of a country are we that we allow the President to break the law? Shutting down the government should not be used as a negotiating tool. We the people suffer for it.

Where is Right an Honor? Let's do it right instead of the way we are doing it now. What worries me is that there may not be enough good people left to fix our broken country. ROME WENT DOWN FOR THE SAME ACTIONS we see occurring here in our Country.

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Blaming Guns

Blaming guns for killing people is like blaming spoons for making people fat.

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The reason our Government wants to confiscate all Guns is because the US and the world economy will be collapsing within the next ten years and they do not want guns in the hands of protesters that will probably riot like Greece has.
The reason for the collapse is Government over spending. Cities are going bankrupt in large numbers. The Federal Government would be bankrupt were it not for it's ability to print money and pay off debt with inflated dollars.The Fed will lose its ability to print money because the dollar will have lost most of its value. Gold, silver and other hard assets will be the only means of exchange. Our bank accounts will be worth almost nothing. The loses to US citizens will be 20 trillion plus dollars.

How are we going to pay for school security?

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Tax Cut

A tax cut allows us to use our money better than the government ever could. And as a result our ecomony and the un employed as well as welfare people would be better off. A tax cut is not a give away like welfare is. It is allowing us the fruits of our labor. You didn't earn welfare but you do earn the taxes the government confiscates form you.

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The People Have Spoken

Yes the people have spoken and they will be the first to suffer under the yolk they themselves have built. We never learn. Throught out history the people have risen up and brought about change that they were lead to believe was the right way to go only to end in failure. Look at what is happening in Egypt as I write this The people spoke without thinking and now they are in another bitter fight. If we could find a way to inform people with the truth (Good Lick With That) the outcome could be much better. Our President won with smoke and mirrors and pandering to anyone he could pander to.

What happens when we run out of other peoples money?

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Allow Driver's Licience for??

I propose that, in order to be PC, all groups have their driver's licience voided except for ILL Eagles. That way only one group can be blamed for accidents. Freedom and risk will be traded in for that security. And, that group cannot be singled out because that would be profiling and that is not PC. Probglem solved in that we will never hear or read about bad driving again.

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USA a Revised Country

We are a country of imagrants. As a result the USA is subject to on going changes. Some of us fight the changes; some of us contribute to the changes; and some live on as if nothing has changed. The truth is that when it comes to voting the majority rules and after that the politicians rule and exempt themselves from the onorous parts of the laws they pass. The majority of people pay no attention to the man behind the curtain and lve their lives as best they can.

The USA has changed and will continue to change as the world changes. It does so because of our all inclusive policies. The USA is a victim of its structure. Nay the recipient of change both good and bad because of its structure. Empires have come and gone and we are still here. The USA may not go because for the first time in history we are a country that changes. In all probability the USA will not ever be cast in stone but may not be recognizable to the people of today even ten years from now. In spite of all this I say GOD BLESS THE USA.

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Irrational Letter

Where did I say anything about the Bible or for that matter say anything that misrepresents Obama? I merely asked that his actions not his words were what people should look at to see where he plans to drive our country. Check out your own thoughts and preconceived notions. I think you may be conflicted. God help us.