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The wardens service does not decide if there is a snodeo! It's NOT held on Rangeley lake! The chamber of commerce does NOT decide if there is a snodeo! Snodeo Is controled by a committee I believe? No one can actually cancel snodeo! People make reservations for that weekend as far as a year in advance! They are coming! I believe this is being held on the NH ,Vermont, Maine reciprical weekend and Rangeley will be invaded with thousands of sleds regardless! We have no choice but to find things for these people coming here to do(events) or there will be major problems. The lake is never completely safe! There is a trail system which goes completely around Rangeley lake!!! No one HAS to go on it! ( EVER )!!! Nor do you need to be on a road! The warden service is doing all they can (as is) the town of Rangeley to safely recover these men! Our hearts go out to each and every family member of the missing men! We do NOT put money in front of lives in this town! Snodeo has nothing to do with the delayed recovery effort of these men! The recovery effort of these men has nothing to do with snodeo! Its just weather and ice thickness! they can search when there is NO ICE or when there is THICK ICE ! They Can't search safely on THIN ICE ! These men went into a very deep spot in the lake(100 + ft.) with strong current. We ALL should be thanking the warden service for the efforts they have put forth as well as ALL involved! They are putting theres lives on the line every time they go near that lake! We are all trying!!!

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snodeo boycott!

It's very important for all you people to understand #1 there has been no expence spared in the recovery efforts by the warden service! To think otherwise is insane! They have been using every available resource,boats, airboats,sonar 15-16 divers mobile command centers,airplanes and every warden within 100 plus miles ect! Rangeley fire, police,ems and our public works department have been giving absolute support from the start of this horrific tradgedy! The only issues that have held up the recovery effort are safety and weather period! Rangeley does not survive by snodeo! It brings in a little extra income for buisinesses 1 weekend a year! It's Not the be all end all! No one here puts money ahead of lives! A lot of us do what we do for nothing or next to nothing!I am NOT a club member! I do not much like the way this town operates at times and I despise most town officials! However,there is NO WAY anyone here is in any way going to stop,try to stop,or slow the recovery process for any reason let alone money!!! We are a small community here and when we have a tradgedy we all band together and do everything we can to help! What do you want us to do with the thousands of people who are going to flock to this town regaurdless of a snodeo or no snodeo? We are NOT insensitive to the families! I have not slept a nights sleep since the first emergency tone went off! I know at least 2 of these men from Oxford plains speedway. We were not close friends, however I can't help but feel an emptiness as well as a sence of loss, knowing we will never again pass by each other in the pits. There is only ONE event held on Rangeley lake. IF it is not safe for ANY reason, Im sure it will be cancelled or rescheduled as in the past! People need to stop looking for someone to blame! We are all hurting here! I can't imagine what this is like for the families, but you can't close a lake! Should we close the the town as well? Why? What will that accomplish? I (we) want these guys out of that lake and Don't for one second think the wardens don't as well! But, some things are beyond any of our control! I know the lake better than most! It's very deep (100 plus feet) where these men went in.The strong currents can cause all sorts of problems. Not to mention ice diving is very tricky in itself! Lets all try to stay positive.Let's say some prayers for these men,hope that no one else gets hurt and that the wardens can find them very soon! I assure you there is not one buisiness owner in this town who care about the money loss of a boycotted snodeo. We will take care of whoever comes here that weekend no matter what! Thats what we do!

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Vet shooting

I agree that i'ts not a capitol offence to walk away from a cop with a rifle! Like it or not. To shoot anyone for that is NOT justifiable ! In this case, I said it before and I'll say it again. If any veteran wanted those cops or anyone else dead ,They would have been dead. The only justification for this shooting would be if the veteran panicked or was startled and raised and pointed his weapon at the officers ! The tape WILL NOT disappear and the truth will come out ! In any event ,this is lose,lose situation ! whether justified or not the officers will now have to deal with the fact that they were responsible for taking a human life! Anyone who tells you it doesn't effect you whether justified or not has never been in that situation! The veteran who wanted someone to listen to him and help him is dead. This is also another event which shows that Togus V.A. is having trouble meeting the needs of our veterans! NOT do to the workers, but do to program cutbacks and the lack of money! God bless all involved and Welcome to Obama care !!!