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He got the 'Help' he was looking for: Suicide by Cop

The Parents never thought of driving him to Togus??? How odd......

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Got gun/s???

Yep. But no explanation for a paralyzed three year old. We 'Lawyer-ed Up'

Isn't America Great.

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Freedom has allowed the Waltons to exploit the masses.....

They offer crap - the masses choose it.

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Shopping at Walmart is also a Choice......which I decline.

Eric LeBlanc obviously seeks his own level.....

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Can make to $170 thousand dollars a year.....

Sure, Ray - they can also go to the Moon, but I doubt either one is going to happen.

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Happy Mother's Day - Turkey!

or was that "Happy Turkey Day, Mutha!"

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An Historic Mistake????

We've been arming half the Mideast for years - including Israel.

Where has Cal Thomas been then????

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But it's FOOTBALL, Man!!!

Aren't sports really why we have High School???

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.Reckon 'Senility' is no longer an Affirmative Defense.....

Some folks just don't know Jim Crow is dead.......

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He shouldn't have that website up and working.....

It should be Medicare for all and to hell with the Insurance Companies.

That would really make you Repuglicants Cry!!!!