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Are you kidding????

The state wants .75 cents back? WTH is wrong with this??? They issued that check as is should have been. IT's the feds fault there is sequestration. Let the feds pay it. They seem to be abusing the citizens of this country with their stupidity and Maine certainly follows in the feds footsteps. The cost associated with issuing a check is far more than it is worth. Check stock, ink for the printer, envelopes and stamps for mailing, employee handling (computer input for payment, folding and stuffing into envelope, putting stamp on envelope, taking envelope to mail room, mailroom taking envelope to post office, etc). Isn't time Mainers (and others in this country) stood up to the abusiveness of those in office? When on earth will we have another civil war or revolution? I hope soon so we can take back our country and make it all right rather than the zig zags and left turns it has been taking over the last several decades. More so since the Bush/Obama eras. They have totally ruined this country. Where is a Kennedy when we need one??

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Rape analogy???? Really??

"Gov. Paul LePage's recent rape analogy in reference to a Democratic lawmaker made national news. "

Where on earth is "giving it to the people without vaseline" a rape analogy? This is an innuendo not a 'rape' analogy. Why must people turn things into what they want to make someone look/sound bad? Grow up Maine. Get real and most of all, don't put inappropriate thoughts into people's minds. You reporters make me sick. Gov. LePage is doing a good job by telling it like it is and we need to have more people just like him to tell it like it is. If you don't like people telling it like it is, then go somewhere else and live or turn off your hearing aids. He's trying to fix this run down state and it's very obvious that there are some who do not want change or for this state to be fixed. It's people like you, (reporter's, a lot of our Representatives, Congressmen and Senators) that are driving the younger generation out of here. Someone has to be here to take care of your aging mind and body because you will not be able to do so. You will not be able to make the right decisions anymore either. Careful are losing in more ways than one.

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do the crime, do the time, age doesn't matter.

If these kids want to do these crimes, then they can do the time. Parents are to blame for their kids running amuck like this and they too should be held accountable...jail time for them too. Our governmental agencies are also to blame for telling kids that parents cannot spank them. They too should be held accountable and punished. As for these kids, try them as adults, send them to juvenile hall until 18, then send them to prison to do hard time just as an adult arsonist does. No sealing their records because of being a juvenile either. They don't deserve a clean start after what they did to so many people.These kids need to pay a huge price for what they did.

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NO rights to vote!

"People who are legal immigrants to the United States after a five-year waiting period can become citizens and become enfranchised," spokesman Ira Mehlman said. "But until then, being here as a legal immigrant is a conditional agreement, sort of like a trial period. You have to demonstrate you are the type of person we would want to have as a citizen, then you can become a citizen and vote."

Obviously the immigrants that have not become citizens after 13 or 18 years of being here has no intention of doing so. That is not demonstrating the type of person or people we want here. They should have NO right to vote here.

"Supporters of Portland's ballot measure say the process is cumbersome, time-consuming and costly. The filing fee and fingerprinting costs alone are $675, and many immigrants spend hundreds of dollars more on English and civics classes and for a lawyer to help them through the process."

There are challenges, rules, laws and expenses in life. We all have to deal with them in this country. If you don't like it, GO HOME. We citizens should not have to pay your welfare benefits, change our laws, or bow to your every whim and woe because you cried "political strife" in your own country.

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Legalize it! 10000.00 from tax revenue

10000.00 from tax revenue is what the state would have received in taxes. if marijuana was legal. Can you imagine how much tax revenue would have already been in the state cofers if it was? Think about all the marijuana busts thay have had and given us a street value for then base the tax on the states minimun of 5%. That would have been a nice start on the deficit this state is facing. But, of course, we all know legalization won't happen any time soon because our darling Legislature and Governor (as well as citizens) of this lovely state just couldn't possibly legalize something they don't believe in, right? (Keep in mind prohibition...alcohol became legal AND taxed, marijuana is coming like it or not. Just like alcohol did).

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Lobsters and fish are individuals?

Okay, does that mean that we shouldn't kill and can (or freeze) beef, chicken, duck, pork,goose, deer, moose and anything else that God put on this earth for us to consume? Are you saying they are dumb and ignorant 'individuals' and deserve to be killed and canned? Can you  say that you and members of your organization do not cunsume any of the above mentioned animals as well as any of the sea life? Oh please! Dont waste the Governor's time with your nonsense. He has bigger fish to fry.

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I can not believe what I am

I can not believe what I am seeing published by the Sun Journal. Dragging family members into something they have nothing to do with. Why?? All because of being a city official. This is wrong. Don't you have something better to do with your time or is it that you (Sun Journal) only want to create a bad name for Denis? Why are you even publishing these documents? The answer is because Denis is a city official and you want to pull him into the center of controversy. Are you going to start publishing court documents on EVERYONE that has any kind of felony charges against them? Or are you just being very picky as to the ones you will scan and make available in your paper? If you can do this to one person because of his/her affiliation of a family member, then you can do it for everyone. How about you not discriminating? (This is discrimination and not equal treatment!)

On another note:
Matthew HAS NOT been convicted. These are only charges. He has been accused/indicted. You are convicting him in your paper before he can go to trial and be convicted in a court of law. Is the Sun Journal the court of law here? I think not. What are you going to say if/when he is proven innocent? Retract this publication and make a public apology? Most likely not. The Sun Journal lacks the integrity and the common sense to do that. Isn't it time the Sun Journal got off their high horses and came back to reality and report/publish things that DO NOT begin a downward spiral for those that have no involvement other than being a parent/spouse or child. That is NO reason for the Sun Journal to publish these things.

Grow up Sun Journal!

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I wonder what companies they

I wonder what companies they were. I know of one that just loves to prey on people that is based out of Dover, NH. I hope they are one of them Maine told to get out and stay out.