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the rest of the story.

There is certainly more to this story. In fact the majority of this story is a misleading twist on the truths purposely depicted in a twisted manor to defame one of the best boarding facilities and horse women Maine has to offer. So The rest of the story begins now. This horse was brought to Riverview farm as any other boarder comes. The horse was boarded and visited by its owner said family's daughter for several months. Daughter moves to Alabama for College and is barely reachable for board payment and other horse owner decisions. Said family's parents are contacted for payment. Upon making ONE months board payment said family's parents decide to place an ad in the local wanted sites for a home for Knotty. Several people came to answer the add for free horse. One couple actually saddled Knotty (saddle backwards) and was intending to ride Knotty. Retired race horse with bad joints and Uveitis in both eyes. Several of the boarders at the farm took notice to the probable destiny of this retired race horse and decided to attempt to foster him, avoiding his transfer to a home with less than desirable conditions. Upon discussion with said family's parents Knotty was signed over (per bill of sale) to the farm owner Lisa Bosse. Along with several concerned boarders Lisa took on Knotty as a farm rescue case. Over the months that followed said family NEVER approached farm owner of Knotty to see his progress or offer any compensation for his care. The farm boarders all grew close to Knotty, spending time with him daily and Knotty enjoying the loving grooming and endless treats from all who enjoyed his company. Now lets not forget Knotty has Uveitis, look it up. Very painful and hard to treat. After several unexplained episodes and visits from the Veterinarians trusted at the farm, Knotty's condition has worsened. The lasting injuries of his racing career combined with a nearly debilitating case of Uveitis and simply old age have made everyday life for Knotty a challenge. Even getting himself up from a much needed roll in the dirt has become a challenge usually requiring the farm staffs assistance. Winter is upon us and those months are the toughest on any animal depending on outside activity to survive. So as a barn chock full of horse lovers look back on this summer of challenges for Knotty and see the impending cold, wind and icy conditions coming they heavy heartedly decided to do the honorable thing and have knotty put to rest. While the grass was green and the warm breeze was blowing. Knotty still pushes on through his days with strong will and a love for life as he knows it on the farm. The phone call to said family was simply a courtesy call for them to spend a few moments with a former family friend. At no point was this meant to be a debate, this story is simply one of honor and doing what is right for a good ol boy named Knotty. This family was prepared to give this horse to a free home and let who knows what happen to him. By returning this horse to less than capable people his care would certainly do nothing to better is quality of life. The many who love him on the farm have made the right decision so please support those who really care and see for yourself there IS more to this story