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Mark, I really think you have a screw loose.......

I was the first woman firefighter in Georgetown, Maine, back in the 1970s. I also trained to work on the ambulance. A firefighter's job is 24/7. Also an EMT. There are months of training, backbreaking, nasty,tough work involved. I doubt if you have the heart or the courage it takes to do the job. A real Mama's boy, for sure. You have no clue about any subject and least of all, this one. Go crawl back in your hole and may the men who died trying to save others on 9/11 haunt you forever.

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King is.......

Anguish King has always been an opportunist and a carpetbagger. He will always side with what he perceives as the winners. That, to me, is a man with no core values except whatever is best for himself and to hell with everyone else.

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I agree.

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"The problem is....

when the fringe is the leaders you have a problem. And that's what we have in Maine right now."

Is this man so stupid he doesn't even know he is talking about himself?

Get the net.

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Just make sure the soy is not GMO soy. Most of it is. And one more thing about soy. It can knock out your thyroid gland if you eat too much.
I agree with Mr. Corrigan, however. Replacing a meat heavy diet, having meatless meals is good for your health and for the planet.

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The Pine Tree State song........

Oh Pine Tree State, your woods, fields and hills,
your lakes, streams and rock-bound coast
will ever set your heart with thrills.

And tho we seek far and wide,
our search will be in vain
to find a fairer spot on earth than
Maine! Maine! Maine!

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Where is the smartarse that rides his one trick pony called "Smaller Government"?


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Look in Maine

about what CMP is wanting to do to solar users by imposing a new rate structure. A flat fee that would not be based on usage. The PUC will be making a decision on it in July.

This flat fee would be fining those who are energy efficient.

I guess those "smart" meters aren't so smart.

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How can anyone promote solidarity........

How can anyone promote solidarity in the Republican party? I would think it is impossible considering the lunatic fringe and their unsuppressed hatred of all things that are not $white$, $male$, or $Christian$ dominated.

Come to think of it, the lunatic fringe IS about all that remains of the GOP.

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How shortsighted!

And, may I add, anal retentive.

The number one, most important thing for Mainers and everyone else that lives on this planet is a decent environment. You know, things like clean air, water, food that isn't tainted with mercury, ecoli, pesticides, and runoff from factory farms. Good grief! Do you want more disease? More cancer? More mutated births?
Greg, you go worry about your petty grievances. I'll worry about if my grandchildren have a chance to survive in the future.