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How shortsighted!

And, may I add, anal retentive.

The number one, most important thing for Mainers and everyone else that lives on this planet is a decent environment. You know, things like clean air, water, food that isn't tainted with mercury, ecoli, pesticides, and runoff from factory farms. Good grief! Do you want more disease? More cancer? More mutated births?
Greg, you go worry about your petty grievances. I'll worry about if my grandchildren have a chance to survive in the future.

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Nuts to this!

I can't even get a decent washing machine that isn't a piece of junk from China and I'm supposed to be happy this country would implode if we didn't keep making killing machines?

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Frank, it is obvious to me....

.......and it should be to everyone else that Cutler doesn't give a hoot nor a hoorah for the state of Maine. If he did, he would back out, but he won't. He is too cocksure of himself even though he has never held public office, not even dog catcher! Just what we need, another stumblebum at the helm. There must be a lot of Republican money backing this turkey.

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I agree 100%

All this destruction and Maine does not need the power. We EXPORT power already. We have more than enough. I wish there were a way to get of the New England grid. Some idiot in another state is sitting in his hot tub and we get dead birds and destroyed forests. Enough already!!!!

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Very sad to see it happen.

When the big box stores were allowed to come into the retail mix, downtowns never could compete, price wise. But shoppers demand huge Mall Warts, and small businesses that made downtowns vibrant and friendly were and are forced to close.
I salute Norway and what it has accomplished downtown. I lived there almost all my life until a year or two after graduation from Norway High School in 1960. Norway was and IS a great place. But it is sad to see what happens to nice small businesses on Main street. People put their hearts into a place and have such great hopes for success. This global economy is a boon to a few but a killer to jobs and small businesses.

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Anyone interested in chicken raising.........

.........for meat or eggs, or both, should be mandated to take an extension course on it and pass it. Raising chickens is hard work. They need security, feed, water, heat in the winter and a cool place in the summer. Their coops need to be disinfected periodically and they should be vet checked. Not everyone is up to the task. What may start out as an idelistic endeavor could soon mean needless suffering of the flock out of neglect or ignorance.

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I have a sneaking suspicion that Mary Mayhew sees herself as another Sarah Palin. Trouble is, she doesn't have the brains. (snark)

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Gov. Paul LePage.........

.........reminds me of Paul Revere's Ride. No, I will not say he is a horse's arse, but I will say he is a little light in the belfrey.

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Department of High Handed Stupidity.

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He wants to promote tourism?

Bringing in a pipeline and cutting down the public forests will do it for sure.

He's going to f**k up the natural attractions enough until we look like New Jersey and then who will come?

Once it's gone, it's gone.