Committed to the community


Eric Samson is a candidate for Androscoggin County sheriff. He is a life-long resident of the area and has worked for the sheriff’s department for the past 19 years, with expanded leadership and responsible roles, besides being awarded Officer of the Year in 2001. He has also had the opportunity of teaching at the Criminal Justice Academy.

His commitment to the community is shown with his current service as a three-time member of the Auburn City Council, and he has served on many boards in the L-A area, as well as on the executive committee for Community Concepts.

He believes in weighing all the issues, and does all the work required.

He and his wife and children live in Auburn and are surrounded by extended family.

I am proud of my son, Eric Samson, and his accomplishments, and hope others join me in voting for him on June 8.

Paul A. Samson, Lewiston