Committed to public service


I am supporting Elaine Makas for Androscoggin County Commission. I have always been impressed with her commitment to public service and to the community.

She always works hard for Lewiston. She worked tirelessly to ensure the Democratic state convention would be held in Lewiston on May 21 and 22. A party convention may be partisan, but to her, it has always been more about showcasing Lewiston and the positive growth that has happened here.

She worked against old prejudices and thoughts about Lewiston, and managed to get a convention here that hasn’t been held here for 25 years. It took dedication, conviction and a positive attitude toward the community, which is always present in everything she does. This convention will give our community an economic shot in the arm, benefiting everyone.

For that and so many other reasons, I am supporting Elaine Makas for Androscoggin County commissioner.

Roland Hachey, Lewiston