Comp board slugger deserves suspension


If a high school student walked up to another kid in the lunch room and slugged him, knocking him off his chair, he’d face an automatic suspension.

Maine Workers Compensation Board board member Anthony Monfiletto of Portland should face at least that.

The 54-year-old Monfiletto recently pleaded guilty to attacking another patron at the Widowmaker Lounge at Sugarloaf Mountain Resort while attending a three-day summit meeting on workers’ compensation.

It was the second time Monfiletto has been convicted of assault during his 14 years on the board. The first was in 1998, just a year after his appointment.

Monfiletto works at Bath Iron Works and was appointed by Gov. Angus King to represent organized labor.

The attack followed an argument the previous day between Monfiletto and 43-year-old Scott Spencer in the Sugarloaf parking lot, according to a police report.

Paul Fortier, deputy director for information at the board, who witnessed the barroom attack, said Spencer was drunk and harassing women.

Monfiletto approached him, asked if he was the same person who argued with him the day before, then slugged him in the head, knocking him off his bar stool.

In January of 2007, the Comp Board adopted a code of ethics that states, in part, that board employees “Be guided by the highest standards of honor, personal integrity, and fortitude in all public activities …”

Clearly, Monfiletto displayed the lowest possible standard and in a public place.

At the very least, Monfiletto should be suspended by Gov. John Baldacci from the board. His behavior was an embarrassment to state government and to the workers he represents.