Compost bins and rain barrels available


OXFORD — The Oxford County Soil and Water Conservation District is participating in a statewide backyard composting bin sale. Through April 8, a home compost bin and how-to guide can be purchased for $75, plus tax.

The bin is black, has a 10-year warranty and is made of 100 percent recycled plastic. It is approximately 35 inches high and 33 inches wide, or large enough for a family of five.

It’s estimated that 25 percent of the average household’s waste consists of yard trimmings and kitchen scraps which can be easily composted. Oxford County residents can save money for every ton of waste they compost because it is not shipped out of town for disposal.

A 55-gallon rain barrel is also available for purchase for $90, plus tax. The barrel can be used to collect rain water for watering the garden and keeping the compost moist. They have an intake screen to keep debris and mosquitoes out, connect to drip irrigation, soaker and garden hoses, are tan color and have a screw-off, white top.

Those interested in purchasing both items can save $16. More details are available at or contact Jane Heikkinen at [email protected] or call 743-5789, ext. 101.