Concerning war history


This is in response to Marilyn Hutchins’ letter of March 26 concerning war history. If anybody needs to brush up on their history, it’s Hutchins. I’ll grant her World War I and World War II, although WWI was fought under a conservative Democrat. The Korean War is where she falters. That war (1950-1953) was under Harry Truman, a Democrat, and ended by a truce under Eisenhower, a Republican, after he took office in 1953.

As for Vietnam (1962-1973), U.S. troops were sent in by John F. Kennedy, a Democrat, in the early 1960s as advisers, which then escalated into full war, micromanaged and mismanaged by Lyndon Johnson, another Democrat, from 1963 to 1969. Richard Nixon, a Republican, took over and eventually withdrew our troops in 1973, after the Paris peace talks.

South Vietnam fell to the North Vietnamese Army in 1975 after a Democratic-controlled Congress cut all funding and any support of the South Vietnamese Army.

By the way, Korea and Vietnam were far from being police actions. You don’t lose more than 100,000 soldiers in police actions (Korea, 54,000 killed in action; Vietnam, 58,000 killed in action). By contrast, losses in Iraq in three years are somewhere near 2,300, with close to half as accidental deaths.

Hutchins should read her history.

Dave Gagnon, Lewiston