Confiscated drugs to be burned today


LEWISTON – It’s the kind of thing that would make a drug dealer weep into his hands. Crack rocks in tiny bags once meant for sale on the street. Baggies thick with marijuana lifted from drug suspects. Joints and pills and bags of narcotics, onto the heap they go.

Today, Lewiston police will clean out a room full of drugs that are no longer needed as evidence. The total value of the confiscated dope is expected to soar into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And it’s all going into an incinerator where it will be destroyed by fire with a temperature of 2,300 degrees. What once represented profits for drug traffickers or quick fixes for users will be reduced to a mound of ash.

Police say the drugs accumulated from 622 criminal cases dating back to 2004. The narcotics and other substances were held as evidence until the case from which they stemmed were resolved in court.

The process of accounting for and destroying the drugs is overseen by the LPD’s property and evidence manager and overseen by the commanders of the Criminal Investigation Division.

Early this morning, police will take a final inventory of the illicit product. It will then be loaded into a secure vehicle and driven to the incinerator at an undisclosed location.

Police expect all of the drugs to have been destroyed well before noon.