Congressman or mill worker?


In your April 16 story regarding first quarter fundraising reports from the two candidates in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District, you reported that Jason Levesque is of Auburn but you failed to report Michael Michaud’s home location. Many voters are interested in knowing where candidates are from.

Why you would include one’s hometown and not the other’s? For readers like me who are interested, I looked up his website and found that Michaud’s home is in East Millinocket.

While on his website, I read that he “is a 29 year employee of Great Northern Paper and a member of USW Local #4.”

How can he be an employee of GNP and member of the union if he is a full-time congressman?

Carol Rea, Auburn

Editor’s note: According to a spokesperson at Rep. Michaud’s Lewiston office, the congressman is listed on the work schedule at Great Northern Paper “because of a unique provision in their contract that allows people to keep their position at the mill if they serve in public office.” Michaud does not draw any salary from the mill and maintains his membership in United Steelworkers #4.