A consolidation to remember


In January of 2006, we heard that the Catholic schools in Lewiston and Auburn will be merging. The most important things that have to be done are pick the building or buildings, teachers and principal. We think that we speak for everyone when we say it came as a bit of a shock.

When you first think about it, you would probably think, “I’ll make more friends and have another chance to prove to the teachers that I’m a good student,” but when you rethink that thought you would probably realize, “I might not see my teachers next year, the principal might change, I’ll be just another face in the crowd and my friends and I might be in different classrooms.”

We realize that if you think you’re worried, imagine how the teachers must feel knowing that next year, they might not have a job. That’s got to be pretty scary, but this is a very big decision and we’re sure the Bishop will do what he thinks is best.

It’s hard to imagine that the class of 2006 will be the last class to leave St. Peter and Sacred Heart, Holy Cross and St. Joseph’s School, but it is also exciting to know that the class of 2007 will be the first to graduate from the new consolidated school.

As we learned more about the consolidation of the three Lewiston-Auburn Catholic Schools, we wanted to see how others felt about it. Seventh grader, Mary Mers-Kelly said “I can’t wait for the three schools to consolidate because classes will be bigger and there will be more teachers. I think it is a good idea, but I wish that the students could have a say in it. I think now is a great time to consolidate because seventh grade will be included and will be part of a new experience.”

Hopefully, we will know exactly what is happening soon!