Consumers have been sold out


According to the Sun Journal (Associated Press story, May 18), the Maine Public Utilities Commission, in its attempt to “protect” Central Maine Power ratepayers, has ruled that homeowners can opt out of the impending Smart Meter program if they so choose. Sounds pretty good so far, right? But then, the article proceeds to explain that opting out will cost a homeowner $20 or $40 up front and a monthly charge of $10.50 or $12.


So, if you don’t want something you have to pay not to have it?


Whatever happened to, if you want something, you pay; if you don’t want something, you don’t pay.

CMP must be salivating over this one. Not only will the company save money by laying off who knows how many meter readers, but now they can stick it to the ratepayers who refuse to participate in their ill-conceived program.

The Maine PUC, in their convoluted view of protecting consumers, has sold us out once again. But then, it is Maine, isn’t it?

Paul St. Jean, Lewiston