I’m not contagious


There is a wide range of emotions involved with mental illness – it’s an emotional disease. It is like other diseases, but because it does affect the brain, there is a stigma that plays a role in some people not getting treatment.

But mental illness is nothing to of which to be scared or ashamed. It cannot be helped, anymore than cancer.

If I told people I have cancer, would they be afraid of me? Well, I have a mental illness, and people shouldn’t be afraid of me.

People often make fun of those with mental illnesses. They shouldn’t be. It’s not their fault. It just happens. Some people are born with it – they can’t help that, either. Mental illness is not preventable, but it is treatable. It can strike anyone.

A lot of people don’t understand what mental illness is, so they are afraid of it, and sometimes they are so scared they don’t dare ask for help.

People with mental illness are still people. All people have problems of some kind; that’s called “life.”

Stigma used to play a role with other diseases, but people have come to accept others with those diseases.

Mental illness is not catching.

Norine Stone, West Paris