Convicted rapist allegedly assaulted sleeping woman in Belmont


BELMONT — A convicted rapist from Montville was charged over the weekend after a woman told police he had assaulted her at her Belmont residence.

Edwin Furbush, 44, had been visiting the home on Saturday evening and had drunk alcohol when he was there, according to a news release issued Monday by the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office. Because of that, the female homeowner allowed Furbush to sleep on the couch.

But after she went to sleep, the woman told police officers that she woke up to find Furbush trying to take off her clothes.

The woman was able to get away from Furbush and call 911, according to the police report. Deputy Wiley McVety and Sgt. Matt Curtis responded to the home, where they talked to the alleged victim. By then, Furbush had returned to his own home, where the officers interviewed him and then charged him with class D unlawful sexual touching.

According to the Maine Sex Offender Registry, Furbush is a lifetime registrant after being convicted of rape. No further information was immediately available Monday.