Cooperative purchasing agreement discussed


BUCKFIELD – Representatives from Buckfield, Hartford and Sumner met to review a document governing a cooperative purchasing venture between the three towns.

The agreement must be approved at Town Meeting and signed before it can take effect.

Buckfield Town Manager Glen Holmes had conferred with the Maine Municipal Association and wrote up the agreement that was discussed at length Wednesday night. Oscar Gammon chaired the meeting and one other Buckfield selectman represented the town. There were two selectmen from Sumner and one from Hartford present. Six residents of Hartford were in attendance and one from Sumner.

The agreement states that the purpose of the Nezinscot Valley Purchasing Authority agreement is to evaluate ways to reduce the costs associated with buying materials, supplies, goods and services, equipment and labor through cooperative means.

As members of Nezinscot Valley Purchasing Authority, the towns would agree to solicit bids where it is found to be jointly advantageous.

Sumner’s Mark Silber and Hartford’s Dan Maddox edited the document along with help from the other town residents present.

The Nezinscot Valley Purchasing Authority is to be composed of Holmes and one representative appointed by each member town’s Board of Selectmen. A phrase added by the assembled body calls for an alternate member to be appointed by a member’s Board of selectmen.

The town of Buckfield will retain primary responsibility for administration of the solicitation process and will determine an annual administrative budget.

Bids will be awarded by a majority vote by the members’ representatives.

The rules of meetings, costs, finances and withdrawals of a member were revised.

A meeting is tentatively scheduled for 6:30 p.m., Wednesday, May 10, to discuss the remainder of the agreement.